Introduction of equipment

Equipment topics         

Welding and Joining equipments

1Arc welding system
2Arc welding system
3TIG welding sysytem with constriction nozzle
410kW High Power Fiber Laser Arc Hybrid Welding Robotic System
5Friction-stir-welding Apparatus
6Adjustable friction stir welding machine
7Friction stir welding machine for pipes and cylinders
8Friction stir welding machine with large loading capacity
9Friction stir welding machine with X-Ray radiography system
10Linear friction welding machine
11Linear friction welding machine for disimilar materials
12Friction welding machine

Surface and interface processing equipments

1Ion Beam Processing Apparatus for Composite and Functional Materials
2Focused Ion Beam System
3Magnetron Ion Sputter Coater
4Vacuum Deposition Apparatus

Analysis equipments

1Ultra-high Speed Analysis Apparatus for Welding Phenomena
2Multi Spectral Imager
32D spectroscopic imaging system
4Thermal efficiency measurement system using liquid nitrogen
5Schlieren system
6Scanning Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy
7Oxygen and Nitrogen Content Analyzer
8ONH Analyzer
9Degital Microscope
10Carbon Analyzer
11X-Ray Diffraction
12Scanning Electron Microscopy
134-dimensional X-ray visualization system for welding process
14High temperature laser microscope system
15Transmission Electron Microscope
16Three-dimensional Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscope
17Thermal Constants Analyzer
183D Microstructure Analysis System
19Surface Roughness Measurement Machine
20Automatic X-ray Micro Analyzer
21Multipurpose X-ray Diffraction System
22Microscopic Laser Raman Spectrometer
23Ultra-high Resolution Analytical Scanning Electron Microscope
24Scanning Electron Microscope
25Ultra- High Speed IR Imaging System
26Super Focal Depth Profilometer

Mechanical testing equipments

1Ultra-dynamic Structural Testing System
2Rotary Bending Fatigue Tester
3High Temperature Tensile Tester
5Friction Wear Tester
6Strucuture Fatigue Test Systems
7Tensile Testing Machine(Instron type)
8Hardness Auto-Testing System
9High Temperature Fatigue Test Systems
10Universal Testing Machine(50t)
11Charpy Impact Testing Machine

Machining equipments

1200 ton Hydraulic Press
2Fine Cutter
3Saw Bench
4Bench Lathe
5Bench Lathe
6Drilling Machine
7Vacuum Arc Melting Furnace
8Electrical Discharge Machine
9Wire-electrical Discharge Machine
10Milling Machine
11High-speed Saw

Other Category

1Planetary Ball Mill
2Hydrogen Reduction Furnace
3Metal 3D Printer
4Spark Plasma Sintering
5 high-energy planetary ball mill
6All-purpose CNC Coordinate Measuring
7Stereolithographic Additive Manufacturing System
8Multi-beam laser cladding system with blue diode lasers
9High-Current Discharge Joining System
10Draft chamber for organic solvents
11Draft chamber for acids
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