21.02.24Call for the Alumni Association of JWRI
Visual-JW2022 : The 6th International Symposium on Visualization in Joining & Welding Science through Advanced Measurements and Simulation
The International Symposium on Design & Engineering by Joint Inverse Innovation for Materials Architecture

Place : Senri Life Science Center
Date : 2022/10/25(Tue)-26(Wed)
Place : Fujikyu Highland, Highland Resort Hotel & Spa, Yamanashi, Japan
Date : 2022/11/15(Tue)-18(Fri)
22.06.23Recruiting Assistant Professor(Research Division of Materials Joining Assessment, Department of Joining Design and Structuring) Open recruitment information
22.05.02Call for the Joining and Welding Science Award and the Young Researcher Award in Joining and Welding
22.03.22Recruiting Professor(Department of Metallurgical Evaluation, Research Division of Materials Joining Assessment) Open recruitment information(Closed)
22.03.22Recruiting Associate Professor(Global D&I Promotion Office) Open recruitment information(Closed)
22.02.21Issued Transactions of JWRI Vol.50(PDF)
22.02.21Recruiting Assistant Professor(Research Division of Materials Joining Mechanism, Department of Joint Interface Structure and Formation Mechanism) Open recruitment information
22.02.18Recruiting Assistant Professor(Department of Composite Materials Processing, Research Division of Materials Joining Mechanism) Open recruitment information
22.01.21Recruiting Assistant Professor(Department of Welding Mechanism, Research Division of Materials Joining Mechanism)Closed recruitment information
21.11.16Call for JWRI International Joint Research Collaborator in 2022
21.11.09Call for JWRI DOJO PROGRAM 2021(Additional Recruitment)
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