International Welding Engineer Course

K. Ito
H. Nishikawa
H. Komen

 JWRI, Osaka University, as an Approved Training Body (ATB) designated by International Institute of Welding (IIW), has started the International Welding Engineer (IWE) Course in 2008. IWE course is carried in accordance with the IIW syllabus (latest version: IAB-252r5-19). JWRI is the only ATB for IWE on Standard Route in Japan. Students who pass the final examination conducted by IIW obtain the IWE diplomas after they finish this course. The IWE diploma is a document showing that one has the competence in managing welding technologies in fabrication and manufacturing industries. The IWE diploma will become increasingly important in the companies that expand overseas operations.

●Number of course graduates and IWE diplomas
*( ) : Number of diplomas by deferment students

(a)Certification of Approved
 Training Body (ATB) given by IIW
(b)Graduation ceremony of
 IWE course
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