Call for the JWRI International Joint Research Collaborators (JIJReC) Application


There are two categories in the JIJReC program:
 1) General Research Project
 2) Pioneering Research Project
Applications are welcome in one or both categories.

General Research Project
Application Guidelines


*If you have already registered
a "Pioneering Research Project" ,
please proceed to “Dual Application”

We invite the JIJReC to conduct a joint research project on a theme chosen from the list provided by JWRI under "General Research Project”.

Pioneering Research Project

Application Guidelines


*If you have already registered
a "General Research Project",
please proceed to "Dual Application"


Important and pioneering research subjects are listed by JWRI. We invite the JIJReC to choose a joint research subject from this list under the "Pioneering Research Project".
A Pioneering Research Project addresses one or more of the research subjects specified by JWRI from a comprehensive point of view, and is conducted by teams consisting of JIJReCs and JWRI professors. The object of such a project is to contribute to the progress of “the Joint Usage/Research Center on Joining and Welding, Osaka University” through constructive discussions and collaborations across diverse academic fields.
In addition, by carrying out such a project, we aim to construct a new research network and to create a new research field.

There are three ways to promote Pioneering Research Project as follows;。

Approach-based Study

For a specific research subject or subjects, the JIJReCs each bring their own novel approach and ideas to the subject to create and progress the new research field.

Feasibility Study

JWRI collaborates with various academic fields mainly through holding research meetings and symposiums and examines the possibilities of creating new research subjects and research areas while assessing their directions.


Proposals based on new ideas or concepts

Dual Application
(You can apply for another project
if you have already applied for
either 1) General Research
Project or 2) Pioneering Research

・For dual application, you do not have to input personal information repeatedly, except for your name.

・Please apply either for 1)General Research Project or 2) Pioneering Research Project first and then apply for the other from here. You can also proceed to a dual application at a later date.

Dual Application


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