School Cooperation

Our institute has not particular specialty courses for school students, so that the institute participates in each engineering course as cooperation, and is in charge of study guidance and lectures for postgraduate and undergraduate students.
As for the specialties in participation, they are full of variety systems; production science, machines, materials, ships and ocean engineering, civil works, environment, etc. Among these specialties, our research institute is in charge of the study and engineering for specialized field, welding and joining, and the border science.

Specialties in participation

As of May. 2021

Specialty/Course D M B
Engineering Mechanical Engineering 4 8 4
Materials and Manufacturing Science Materials Science 11 12 0
Manufacturing Science 16 14 0
Materials and Manufacturing Science 0 0 5
Global Architecture Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering 4 11 7
Civil Engineering 4 0 2
International Program of Maritime & Urban Engineering 6 2 0
Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering 2 4 2
Total Students 47 51 20

Specialty and corresponding research area.

Specialty/Course Lecture Research Area
Division of Mechanical Engineering Laser Welding and Materials Processing Laser Materials Processing
Composite Materials Processing Composite Materials Processing
Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science
Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering
Materials Diagnosis and Life Assesment Joint Interface Structure and Formation Mechanism
Energy Transfer Dynamics Energy Transfer Dynamics
Smart Coating Processing Advanced Additive Manufacturing
Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science
Dept. of Manufacturing Science
Materials Performance and Design in Welding and Joining Welding Mechanism
Plasma Engineering Energy Control of Processing
Production-Processing Analysis

Micro Joining

Reliability Evaluation & Simulation Joining Metallurgical Evaluation
Division of Global Architecture
Dept. of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Mathematical Modelling and Computational Analysis Subarea Joining Mechanics and Analyses
Division of Global Architecture
Dept. of Civil Engineering
Dependability and Optimum Design Subarea Joining Design and Structuring
Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering Course
Environmental Materials Additive Manufacturing Mechanism
Smart Green Processing

Green Additive Manufacturing

Specialties / courses and the corresponding research area of our institute are as follows.
To those who wish study at our institute, please directly refer to the each research section for inquiries.
You can look up the name and e-mail address of relevant officers with researchers table.
As for the website of respective research area, please refer to the attached links in ahead of organization summary. When contact to a respective research area by phone or by fax, please ask for the line number to the general affairs section in charge of office work, at Phone +81-6-6879-8677 or 8678, including for other general information and public relations too.

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