Region of Research

 The main research objectives are to analyze the mechanisms of material process including joining by various energy sources, and to develop advanced processes with high efficiency and high productivity. Especially, for a micro joining process in electronics packaging, the creation of the functional joint materials, the development of novel advanced micro processes by various energy sources, and the enhancement of the highly reliable joints based on the control of interfacial structure and performance are performed to produce micro joints with superb functionality and high reliability. In addition, we are resolving the joining problems of newly-developed materials. And we are aiming to develop new appropriate material processes for these materials.

Current Research Subjects

  1. Development and evaluation of advanced micro joining process
  2. Elucidation of micro joining phenomena and defect suppression
  3. Control and analysis of microstructure at soldered interface
  4. Development of eco-friendly fluxless soldering process using a reducing atmosphere
  5. Formation of high heat-resistance joint using three-dimensional nanostructure
H. Nishikawa
S. A. Researcher
Y. Shen
S. A. Researcher
K. Sasaki

Micro joining process using a transient liquid phase bonding (TLPB) method
(a)TLPB process and microstructure of joint using Sn-coated Cu particles
(b)TLPB process and microstructure of joint using Sn-Bi solder particles + Cu particles

Microstructure of sintered joint using Ag nanoparticle paste
(a)Serial sectioning of Ag sintered layer by FIB/SEM system
(b)Reconstructed 3D image of Ag sintered layer
(c)Reconstructed 3D pore distribution into Ag sintered layer

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