Region of Research

 The main objectives are to analyze the mechanisms of material processes including joining by various energy sources, and to simulate them through numerical modeling for understanding of the phenomena, and thus to construct the process control and the optimization systems based on those results for manufacturing.
 On the major subject in joining technology for structural materials and parts, the development of advanced processes with high effi ciency and high productivity has been carried out using various energy sources such as arc, plasma and laser to improve the robustness and to reduce the environmental impact in manufacturing. And then their systems and the mechanical and material properties of the joints have been optimized.
 In addition, we are resolving the joining problems of newly-developed materials such as metallic glass, ultra-fine grain metal, nanocomposite materials, toxic-free materials and eco-friendly materials and are evaluating their weldability with common materials. And we are aiming to develop new appropriate material processes for these materials.

Current Research Subjects

  1. Development and evaluation of joining processes with high effi ciency, high productivity, low environmental impact and high robustness
  2. Development and evaluation of joining processes for newly-developed materials
  3. Intelligence analysis and optimization aided by numerical simulation for various joining processes
  4. Study on mechanisms of microfabrication process such as brazing and so on

G. Prof.
A. Kitagawa

Development of advanced cladding technology with high power lasers

Development of eco-friendly fluxless soldering process using a reducing atmosphere.
In situ observation of molten solder under a reduction atmosphere (a) Side view, (b) Top view

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