Region of Research

In evaluating the reliability of the structures, this department investigates not only the conventional optimization for the safety and the durability in constructing steel structures but also the reliability (Dependability) including the maintenance, the repair/reinforcement and the evaluation of lifetime considering cultural science and social science. Moreover, making researches on the procedure to safely break up the structures completing the lifetime, the circulating loop in which the members or the units are reused is concretized.

The department purposes to establish the evaluating methods to satisfy the high accuracy and the high quality in cutting, processing and assemblage for “products of steel structures” based on the dependability in the circulating loop containing the maintenance, the repair/reinforcement and the evaluation of lifetime.

Current Research Subjects

  1. Soundness diagnosis of structural members and joints
  2. Development of simulation technology of mechanical behavior
  3. Development of fatigue life assessment tool (crack nucleation, propagation)
  4. Development of measurement technology of deformation and crack
  5. Development of life extension technology for structural members and joints
  6. Assessment of Weldability and Quality of New and Functionally Graded Materials

(supplementary assignment)


R. Gadallah


Numerical simulation of mechanical fatigue phenomena

Development of life extension technology for steel structures

Ultra-dynamic and cyclic loading test for large structures
Soundness diagnosis of structure members by ultra-dynamic structural testing system(Speed 1,200mm/sec, Load 1,200kN, Stroke 500mm)

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