Region of Research

  In this research division, the structural design and fabrication processes are considered on the following two aspects: the "through-process" and "trans-scale." The concept of "through-process" considers the time axis throughout the life cycle, from the design and construction process, such as welding and joining, to testing, service, repair, reinforcement, and maintenance. The concept of "trans-scale" considers spatial axes ranging from micro to macro, such as the microstructure of materials of welds, welding and joining components, and structures.
 We research the evaluation of the performance and reliability of various structures at each of these stages and scales. In particular, the effects of thermal processing, represented by residual stresses and deformations, on the performance of welded and joined components and structures will be clarified from both microscopic and macroscopic perspectives. We will also develop a detailed and intelligent evaluation method based on these findings. Our goal is to establish design engineering that contributes to the advancement of structuring processes such as welding and joining.

Current Research Subjects

  • Development of evaluation methods for strength properties and reliability of structural members, welds and joints
  • Development of performance evaluation technique for welded structures in consideration of residual stress
  • Development of manufacturing process simulation technology for design applications
  • Development of damage evaluation method considering microscopic plastic deformation behavior of materials and welds
  • Evaluation of cracking characteristics considering heterogeneity of structural materials and weld







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