Region of Research

 The welding & joining design should use the properties and qualities of materials to their best advantage in service conditions. A need has been increased for more creative joint design and manufacturing in the industry. This department focuses on the development of a procedure for fitness-for-service assessment, in particular fracture assessment of metallic structures constructed by joining & welding. The methodology is founded on the local approach to fracture, which enables the transferability analysis between the strength of fracture toughness specimen and the performance of structural component. With this procedure, the critical allowance of flaw and damage in service conditions is predicted. The results are published as national and international standards or guidelines for user friendliness.

Current Research Subjects

  1. Structural integrity assessment by the Weibull stress approach
  2. Development of fitness-for-service assessment procedure for welded structures in service
  3. Interface strength evaluation of dissimilar joints
  4. Fracture performance assessment under dynamic loading
  5. Science of go/no-go of dynamic crack propagation



Structural integrity assessment of weld structures by the Weibull stress criterion

Development of international fracture assessment standard, ISO 27306, for steel structures

Dynamic analysis of stress-strain fi elds in Charpy specimen of dissimilar joints

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