Region of Research

  Lithographic Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a newly developed novel process for creating three-dimensional (3D) structures using two-dimensional (2D) layer laminations. In this process, nanomaterials of metals and ceramics are dispersed into resin paste to be used in the original AM processes. In substrate techniques, a high power laser beam is scanned on a spread paste for 2D layer drawing and 3D structure forming. In deposition techniques, the paste is introduced into a high-temperature plasma or gas flame for 2D cladding and 3D patterning. The energy control structures created (i.e., magnetic devices, power modules, heat convertors, acoustic modulators, and vibration absorbers) and material control structures (i.e., fluid filters, grinding tools, and biological implants) will contribute to sustainable development.

Current Research Subjects

  • Stereolithographic Additive Manufacturing of Metal and Ceramic Parts Using Nanoparticles Pastes
  • Structural Fabrication of Photonic Crystals with Diamond Structures for Terahertz Wave Control
  • Modulation of Micro Porous Structures in Biological Ceramic Implants for Artificial Metabolism
  • Manufacturing of Micro Metal Lattices for Effective Controls of Heat Flow and Stress Distributions
  • Advance Development of Thermal Nanoparticles Spraying for Additive Manufacturing Technique
  • Fine Separator Formation in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells by Using Thermal Nanoparticles Spraying
  • Fine Ceramic Coating with Thermal Conductivity and Corrosion Resistance for Heat Exchanger Tubes
  • Layer Laminations by Fine Particles Spraying and Sintering to Create Functionally Graded Structures







Laser Scanning Stereolithography of Additive Manufacturing to Fabricate Bulky Metal and Ceramic Components with Micro Geometric Patterns

Pattern Exposing Stereolithography of Additive Manufacturing to Create Micro Lattice Structures for Effective Modulations of Energy and Material Flows

Thermal Spraying Using Fine Particle Pastes to Laminate Metal and Ceramic Coated Layers with Functional Nano/Micro Structures

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