Region of Research

 Development of innovative manufacturing technology is required to manufacture high-performance machine products and structures of the next-generation. Department of Joining Metallurgical Evaluation conducts research and education for elucidation and control of the factors on weldment properties by high accurate evaluation based on material science and engineering. In order to create innovative and attractive technique of welding & Joining as a final aim, our department are working on elucidation of metallurgical phenomenon such as solidification and transformation, and on developing the predication method for the microstructures and the properties of weldments.

Current Research Subjects

  • Elucidation for mechanism of microstructural evolution during solidification and solid state in weld metal of stainless steels and carbon steels
  • Investigation of controlling factor of hot cracking susceptibility and establishment of the prediction technology of the cracking during welding and additive manufacturing
  • Clarification of influential factors of corrosion resistance of stainless steel welds
  • Development of advanced manufacturing process for high resource circulation
  • Analysis of solidification/transformation behavior and accurate evaluation of hot cracking susceptibility by using In-situ observation technique
  • Development of improvement technology of properties of weld metal by microstructural control

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Improvement of toughness of weld metal by control of solidification sequence

Evaluation and analysis of hot cracking susceptibility test

High temperature in-situ observation by laser microscope

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