Region of Research

The aim of this division is to develop the environmentally conscious smart technology to reduce the environmental impact in manufacturing, waste treatment and recycle processing. Especially, the research focuses on the following topics; substitution of materials to toxic free and eco-materials in electronics assembly, the use of low environmental impact materials in joining process, enhancement of reliability of fine-pitch high density packaging, and design for reuse. Also low temperature joining, substitution of rare materials and precious metals to popular substances, and development of low energy consumption new smart joining process which can make highly reliable joint are the targets of research in smart green processing department.

Current Research Subjects

  1. Promotion of toxic-free manufacturing of fine pitch high density packaging in electric equipments and electronics
  2. Interfacial reaction between lead-free solder and materials
  3. Improvement of joint lifetime by controlling microstructures at interface
  4. Nano-particle assisted smart bonding
  5. High reliability of Cu filler conductive adhesive bonding
  6. Low temperature joining of metallic glasses


Addition of various particles into electrical conductive adhesives to improve the performance of electrical conductive adhesive
(a) With low melting point metal
(b) With nano-particles

Influence of Co addition to Sn-3.5Ag solder on intermetallic compound at solder/Cu interface

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