Region of Research

  As environmental and energy problems become more serious on a global scale, we are engaged in research and development of green process technologies that greatly reduce the environmental load. In particular, we are focusing on nano- and micro- particles, which work as the functional elements, and are developing their bottom-up synthesis methods and methodologies for assembling them as building blocks in the desired two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. In addition, the green process technologies developed in this research field are used to create materials and devices related to the environment and energy field.

Current Research Subjects

  • Green syntheses of nano- and micro- particles
  • 2D&3D Green AM technologies of nano- and micro- particles
  • Development of Environment-friendly materials
  • Development of environment-friendly energy conversion devices







(Top) Reductant free synthesis of metal nanoparticles
(Middle) Shape-controlled synthesis of oxide particles
(Bottom) Synthesis of high entropy nanomaterials

(Top) Direct Ink Writing of NP ink
(Left-bottom) Visible-light induced patterning of metal NPs
(Right-central) Hydrothermal coating of metal NPs

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