Region of Research

 In this department, fundamental studies on laser additive manufacturing (LAM) are performed and apparatuses for LAM are developed.
 In particular, the apparatuses installed with high power blue diode lasers are also developed since those lasers enable stable and high efficient melting of metal materials such as copper.
 Furthermore, in order to realize high-quality and high-speed LAM, we will experimentally and theoretically proceed with the analysis of the melting and solidification process of the material by laser irradiation.
 Utilizing the obtained knowledge, we will work on the creation of innovative LAM processes and the development of equipment and promote their social implementation.

Current Research Subjects

  • Development of additive manufacturing technologies with blue laser
  • Elucidation of laser interaction with metal powders for LAM
  • Creation of new function by laser metal deposition
  • Elucidation of melting and solidification phenomena in LAM process


Assoc. Prof.

Additive manufacturing of copper using blue diode laser (a)3D rod formation (b) Micro-coating of copper alloy (c) JWRI logo by SLM (d) Osaka University's school emblem by SLM

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