Region of Research

This department focuses on developments of new materials and their processing technologies that contribute to the life-innovation, aiming to realize a sustainable and healthy society from the viewpoint of advanced process science. In particular, we will develop functional materials including magnetorheological fluids that have human-friendly power transmission for next-generation rehabilitation robots. In addition, we will explore processing methods for the life-innovation materials, based on nanostructural controls of various joint configurations including solid-liquid interfaces.

Current Research Subjects

  1. Synthesis of Fine Particles using Solution as Reaction Field and their Function Search

  2. External Stimulus Response of Fine Particle Dispersion System and its Applications

  3. Development and Applications of Directed Patterning of Fine Particles on Soft Matters

  4. Development and Applications of Advanced Assembling Technology of Fine Particles


Nano / micro materials synthesized though wet-chemical route in this laboratory, aiming for material developments.

Development of stimuli responsive colloidal dispersions and their applications to 3D printing technology and functional fluids materials (magnetorheological fluid).

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