Region of Research

This research chair has been developing welding technology to realize international competitive manufacturing for wide range of thick-plate structures by fusing advanced technologies owned by JWRI and Hitachi Zosen Co.  It aims to realize smart welding factory.

The high power laser technology for thick plate welding developed in this chair has reached a practical level at the factory. Now, we are developing the foundation of the digital welding technology required at next generation like process simulation technology and waveform controlled the high heat input digital submerged arc welding technology.
Furthermore, as a new development of laser welding technology, we will promote the development of three dimensional overlay welding technology that realizes high wear resistance by utilizing blue laser etc.

Current Research Subjects

  1. Development of Laser Welding Technology for Thick Plate
  2. Development of High Efficiency SAW Technology
  3. Development of Overlay Welding Technology using Additive Manufacturing
  4. Automatic Welding System

G. Prof.
A. Kitagawa

G. Prof.
S. Katayama

S. A. Assoc. Prof.
M. Nakatani

G. Assoc. Prof.
Y. Yamasaki

S. A. Assist. Prof.
Y. Abe

G. Researcher
D. Tanigawa

G. Researcher
T. Fujimoto

Lase Multi-layer Welding Technology for Thick Plate
(a) Schematic diagram of welding process
(b) Schematic diagram of gap sensing system
(c) Groove shape and cross section of weld

SAW Phenomena

Overlay Welding Technology using Additive Manufacturing

CAD/CAM System

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