Region of Research

In this research chair, the welding and the surface finishing technologies are developed to achieve the manufacturing technology with international competitiveness. By integrating the advanced welding technology, the surface finishing technology, the latest measurement equipment and the simulation technology, possessed by JWRI, with the production technologies developed by Hitachi Zosen Corporation, we intend to develop the welding and surface finishing technologies that bring the innovative manufacturing to wide range of thick plate structures.
The automatic welding technology for thick plate using high power laser welding, and high heat input adaptive control system using simulation are expected to be developed as one of the welding technologies to improve the production. The 3D overlay welding technology with high abrasion resistance, and the nanoparticle spray technology with high corrosion resistance at a high temperature are expected to be developed as one of the surface finishing technologies to improve products' performance.

Current Research Subjects

  1. Development of Laser Welding Technology for Thick Plate
  2. Development of High Efficiency SAW Technology
  3. Development of Overlay Welding Technology using Additive Manufacturing
  4. Development of Nano-Particle Thermal Spray Technology

G. Prof.
A. Kitagawa

G. Prof.
S. Katayama

S. A. Assoc. Prof.
M. Nakatani

G. Assoc. Prof.
H. Harada

S. A. Assist. Prof.
Y. Abe

G. Researcher
M. Katsuki

G. Researcher
Y. Sasaki

(a) Schematic diagram of welding process
(b) Schematic diagram of gap sensing system
(c) Groove shape and cross section of weld

Overlay Welding Technology using Additive Manufacturing

CAD/CAM System

Thermal Nanoparticles Spraying Technology

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