Region of Research

 This research chair is aiming to create an advanced joint production system that applies advanced metal joining for use in sophisticated assemble processes or module processes with consideration to productivity, quality, and the environment. This system is targeted for consumer product groups that require progress in downsizing and high-functionality, as well as high reliability.
As we pursue high-speed and high-precision micro joining and dissimilar metal joining for aluminum alloys and steel so they may be realized at the product manufacturing site, we are utilizing research products and testing systems available at the Joining and Welding Research Institute to develop prototypes for highly efficient joining production systems, and to establish methods of managing joining quality. The Division of Joint Research Chair is promoting speedy and aggressive collaboration between the University and corporations in hopes of expanding application of products from JWRI.

Current Research Subjects

  1. Development of high-speed and high-precision joining technology
  2. Optimization of joining methods for micro joining areas
  3. Establishment of high reliability in dissimilar metal joining
  4. Development of machine for evaluating higheffificiency joining production system
  5. Establishment of methods for evaluating joining reliability and quality control

S. A. Prof.
M. Mukuda
G. Researcher

Joining equipment

Active clamp equipment

Behavior analysis of joints with high-speed camera

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