Region of Research

 Nippon Steel Future Manufacturing Alliance Laboratories was launched on April 2021 in JWRI, with the aim of developing innovative welding and joining technologies that will open up the future of manufacturing.
 For realizing infinite potential of steel, R&D activities are being promoted by bringing together the world-leading research on welding and joining of Osaka University and material technology of Nippon Steel Corporation.


  • R&D on welding and joining processes contributing to application of advanced-steel
  • R&D on welding and joining metallurgy which contribute to improving reliability of welded/joined steel structures.
  • Raising researchers, who lead welding and joining technologies in future, through participation of students and young researchers in R&D.

Examples of research


Vice Director

G. Prof.


1.Evaluating applicability of joining process to advanced-steel

Macro and micro structures of pressure-controlled joule-heat forge welded joint of high carbon steel (Photo : Provided by Research division of materials joining mechanism)

2.Elucidation and visualization of welding metallurgy

Visualization of solidification morphology and segregation in weld metal predicted by Multi-Phase Field model

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