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 Osaka University with three companies, Shimadzu Corporation, Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., and Nichia Corporation established “Research Institute for Joining and Welding with Blue Diode Laser” to provide information and promote technological exchanges on blue diode lasers and processing technology in December 2020. From April 2022, the name was changed to “CO-CREATION CONSORTIUM FOR JOINING AND WELDING WITH BLUE DIODE LASER”.
 In recent years, a blue diode laser has been developed that enables efficient processing by greatly increasing the absorption rate for highly reflective materials such as copper, which was the biggest drawback of near-infrared lasers used for industrial purposes. Blue diode lasers have dramatically improved oscillation efficiency and output, and are now at the stage where they can be used for industrial purposes, but various problems such as cost and enforcement method remain. Aiming to solve various problems in applications, by holding seminars and safety seminars on a regular basis and providing technical consultations, we want to promote the spread of blue diode lasers, which have great potential as industrial lasers, and achieve wide range of applications and social implementations.

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