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Trans. JWRI, Vol. 30 (2001), No. 2, pp. 59-65.

Interfacial Reaction between Titanium and Silicon Nitride during Solid State Diffusion Bonding

Masakatsu MAEDA, Ryozo OOMOTO, Masaaki NAKA and Toshiya SHIBAYANAGI


     The present work aims to bond silicon nitride using Ti foil by solid state diffusion bonding, to clarify the formation behavior of the interfacial structure and to control the structure. For each bonding experiment, a 50 µm thick Ti foil was inserted between two Si3N4 pellets. The bonding temperature and time were selected from 1473 to 1673 K and from 0.2 to 32.4 ks, respectively. The interfacial structure and elemental concentration profile at the joint interfaces were estimated with SEM-EPMA and XRD. The phase sequence of the joint interfaces bonded at 1573 K is observed as alpha-Ti (N) / Ti5Si3 / Ti5Si3 + alpha-Ti (N) / Ti5Si3 / Si3N4. The strength of the joints bonded at 1573 K for 3.6 ks is as low as 3.5 MPa. Their fracture occurs always at the Ti5Si3 / Si3N4 interface. In order to suppress the growth of Ti5Si3, nitrogen pre-solved Ti foil was bonded with Si3N4. The phase in contact with Si3N4 becomes Ti5Si3+TiN. The thickness of the Ti5Si3 layer is successfully suppressed.

KEY WORDS: Interfacial Structure, Reaction, Si3N4, Titanium, Solid State Diffusion Bonding



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