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Trans. JWRI, Vol. 30 (2001), No. 2, pp. 97-102.

Computational Analysis of Charpy Impact Tests Using Interface Elements

Hisashi SERIZAWA, Zhengqi WU and Hidekazu MURAKAWA


     In order to analyze dynamic crack growth in the Charpy impact test accurately, a new computer simulation method using the interface element was developed and dynamic fracture behavior in the sharp and round V-notch Charpy tests of steel was analyzed using the proposed method. It was demonstrated that the Charpy test could be qualitatively simulated. In the case of the sharp notch Charpy test, the temperature effect on the dynamic crack propagation process was found to be primarily attributed to the surface energy of the crack, not to the yield stress ratio, which represents the bulk property. In case of the round notch Charpy test, the significant effect of the notch tip geometry on crack initiation was observed in the computation.

KEY WORDS: Charpy Impact Test, Dynamic Fracture Behavior, Finite Element Method, Interface Element, Surface Energy, Yield Stress Ratio



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