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Title Research achievements summary Name
The effect of the H2/(H2+Ar) flow-rate ratio on hydrogenated amorphous carbon films grown using Ar/H2/C7H8 plasma chemical vapor deposition   Thin Solid Films,660,8(2018),891-898 T. Fang
K. Yamaki
K. Koga
D. Yamashita
H. Seo
N. Itagaki
M. Shiratani
K. Takenaka
Y. Setsuhara
Plasma-enhanced reactive linear sputtering source for formation of silicon-based thin films   Review of Scientific Instruments,89,8(2018),083902/1-083902/6 K. Takenaka
Y. Setsuhara
J. G. Han
G. Uchida
A. Ebe
Effect of a plasma-activated medium produced by direct irradiation on cancer cell killing   Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,57,9(2018),096201-1-096201-6 G. Uchida
T. Ito
J. Ikeda
T. Suzkuki
K. Takenaka
Y. Setsuhara
Fabrication of high-performance InGaZnOx thin film transistors based on control of oxidation using a low-temperature plasma   Applied Physics Letters,112,15(2018),152103/1-152103/3 K. Takenaka
M. Endo
G. Uchida
Y. Setsuhara


Title Research achievements summary Name
Control of ROS and RNS productions in liquid by using a nonthermal high-frequency plasma jet 2nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics,Kanazawa,Japan,(2018.11.12-2018.11.16) Giichiro Uchida
Kosuke Takenaka
Yuichi Setsuhara
Studies of selective production of RONS in the plasma treated water and interaction between the plasma and amino acids The 71st Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference,Portland,USA,(2018.11.05-2018.11.09) Giichiro Uchida
低ダメージ大面積プロセス対応プラズマ生成・制御技術の開発 2018年度フロンティア材料研究所学術賞受賞記念講演会・若手教員講演会,東京,(2018.09.04) 節原 裕一
大気圧プラズマプロセスの最前線-異材接合から医療応用まで- 第22回電子デバイス実装研究委員会,東京,(2018.07.02) 内田 儀一郎
竹中 弘祐
節原 裕一
Plasma-Enhanced Reactive Processes for Low-Temperature Formation of High-Mobility IGZO Thin Film Transistor and Functional Films for Solar Cells 5th Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on Advanced Solar Cells 2018 and 2nd International Symposium on Energy Research and Application,Suwon,Korea,(2018.02.05-2018.02.06) Yuichi Setsuhara
Masashi Endo
Kosuke Takenaka
Giichiro Uchida
Akinori Ebe


Title Research achievements summary Name
Plasma Medical Science Elsevier,(2018),,17-25 Yuichi Setsuhara
Giichiro Uchida
Kosuke Tekenaka
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