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Title Research achievements summary Name
The effect of the H2/(H2+Ar) flow-rate ratio on hydrogenated amorphous carbon films grown using Ar/H2/C7H8 plasma chemical vapor deposition   Thin Solid Films,660,8(2018),891-898 T. Fang
K. Yamaki
K. Koga
D. Yamashita
H. Seo
N. Itagaki
M. Shiratani
K. Takenaka
Y. Setsuhara
Plasma-enhanced reactive linear sputtering source for formation of silicon-based thin films   Review of Scientific Instruments,89,8(2018),083902/1-083902/6 K. Takenaka
Y. Setsuhara
J. G. Han
G. Uchida
A. Ebe
Effect of a plasma-activated medium produced by direct irradiation on cancer cell killing   Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,57,9(2018),096201-1-096201-6 G. Uchida
T. Ito
J. Ikeda
T. Suzkuki
K. Takenaka
Y. Setsuhara
Fabrication of high-performance InGaZnOx thin film transistors based on control of oxidation using a low-temperature plasma   Applied Physics Letters,112,15(2018),152103/1-152103/3 K. Takenaka
M. Endo
G. Uchida
Y. Setsuhara
Low-temperature formation of c-axis orientated aluminum nitride thin films with plasma-assisted reactive pulsed-DC magnetron sputtering   Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,57,(2017),01AD06-1-01AD06-5 Kosuke Takenaka
Yoshikatsu Satake
Giichiro Uchida
Yuichi Setsuhara
Selective production of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in the plasma treated water by using a nonthermal high-frequency plasma jet   Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,57,1(2017),0102B4-1-0102B4-6 G. Uchida
K. Takenaka
K. Takeda
K. Ishikawa
M. Hori
Y. Setsuhara


Title Research achievements summary Name
低ダメージ大面積プロセス対応プラズマ生成・制御技術の開発 2018年度フロンティア材料研究所学術賞受賞記念講演会・若手教員講演会,東京,(2018.09.04) 節原 裕一
大気圧プラズマプロセスの最前線-異材接合から医療応用まで- 第22回電子デバイス実装研究委員会,東京,(2018.07.02) 内田 儀一郎
竹中 弘祐
節原 裕一
Plasma-Enhanced Reactive Processes for Low-Temperature Formation of High-Mobility IGZO Thin Film Transistor and Functional Films for Solar Cells 5th Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on Advanced Solar Cells 2018 and 2nd International Symposium on Energy Research and Application,Suwon,Korea,(2018.02.05-2018.02.06) Yuichi Setsuhara
Masashi Endo
Kosuke Takenaka
Giichiro Uchida
Akinori Ebe


Title Research achievements summary Name
Plasma Medical Science Elsevier,(2018),,17-25 Yuichi Setsuhara
Giichiro Uchida
Kosuke Tekenaka
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