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Journal Publication

Title Research achievements summary Name
Laser-assisted selective fusing of thermal sprayed Ni-based self-fluxing alloys by using high-power diode lasers   Optics and Laser Technology,100,(2018),317-324 Eun-Joon Chun
Min-Su Kim
Hiroshi Nishikawa
Changkyoo Park
Jeong Suh
Low temperature bonding with high shear strength using micro-sized Ag particle paste for power electronic packaging   Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronic,29,5(2018),3800-3807 Myong-Hoon Roh
Hiroshi Nishikawa
Seiichiro Tsutsumi
Naruhiko Nishiwaki
Keiichi Ito
Koji Ishikawa
Akihiro Katsuya
Nobuo Kamada
Mutsuo Saito
Transient liquid phase bonding of magnesium alloy AZ31 using Cu coatings and Cu coatings with Sn interlayers   Metals,8,1(2018),60-1-60-10 Abdulaziz Nasser Alhazaa
Muhammad Ali Shar
Anas Mahmound Atieh
Hiroshi Nishikawa
Characterization of moderately halotolerant selenate- and tellurite- reducing bacteria isolated from brackish areas in Osaka   Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry,82,1(2018),173-181 Satoshi Soda
Wenbo Ma
Masashi Kuroda
Hiroshi Nishikawa
Yuanyuan Zhang
Michihiko Ike
Intermetallic compound formation and mechanical property of Sn-Cu-xCr/Cu lead-free solder joint   Journal of Alloys and Compounds,728,(2017),992-1001 Junghwan Bang
Dong-Yurl Yu
Yong-Ho Ko
Min-Su Kim
Hiroshi Nishikawa
Chang-Woo Lee
Transmission electron microscopy investigation on the oxidation behavior of electroless Ni/immersion Au surface finish at 250 ℃   Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology,17,11(2017),8522-8527 Min-Su Kim
Hiroshi Nishikawa
Influence of ENIG defects on shear strength of pressureless Ag nanoparticle sintered joint under isothermal aging   Microelectronics Reliability,76-77,(2017),420-425 Min-Su Kim
Hiroshi Nishikawa
Thermal stability of low-temperature sintered joint using Sn-coated Cu particles during isothermal aging at 250 ℃   Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics,28,17(2017),12606-12616 Xiangdong Liu
Shiqi Zhou
Hiroshi Nishikawa

Proceedings of International Conference

Title Research achievements summary Name
Effect of indium on deformation of binary In-Bi alloys Proc. of 19th Electronics Packaging Technology Conference,,(2017),181:1-181:5 Sanghun Jin
Min-su Kim
Shutetsu Kanayama
Hiroshi Nishikawa
Impact strength of Sn-Ag-Cu/Cu solder bumps formed by an induction heating method Proc. of the 12th International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly and Circuits Technology,,(2017),159-162 Yujian Zhang
Siliang He
Hiroshi Nishikawa
Suppression of void formation at the interface in laser soldering Proc. of the 12th International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly and Circuits Technology,,(2017),338-341 Ryo matsunobu
Hiroshi nishikawa
Effect of bonding conding conditions on shear strength of joints at 200℃ using Sn-coated Cu Particle Proc. of The 18th International Coference on Electronic Pacaging Technology,,(2017),181:1-181:4 Hiroshi Nishikawa
Xiangdong Liu
Siliang He


Title Research achievements summary Name
Recent Trends in Micro-joining Process for Electronics Monthly Seminar Talk at Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,(2017.12.13) Hiroshi Nishikawa
New bonding process using maicroscale particles for die-attach in power devices 18th International Union of Materials Research Societies-International Conference in Asia (IUMRS-ICA 2017),Taipei, Taiwan,(2017.11.05-2017.11.09) Hiroshi Nishikawa


Title Research achievements summary Name
Lead-free high temperature bonding processes for next generation power module packaging Journal of Smart Processing -for Materials, Environment & Energy-,7,1(2018),28-31 Min-Su KIM
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