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Journal Publication

Title Research achievements summary Name
Deposition behavior, microstructure and mechanical properties of an in-situ micro-forging assisted cold spray enabled additively manufactured Inconel 718 alloy   Materials and design,155,5(2018),384-395 Luo. X. T
Yao. M. L.
Ma. N
Takahashi. M
Li. C. J
Cold rolling and intercritical annealing of C-Mn steel sheets with different initial microstructures   Materials Science & Engineering A,736,(2018),392-399 Y. Karimi
S. Hossein Nedjad
H. Shirazi
M. Nili Ahmadabadi
H. Hamed Zargari
K. Ito
Effects of heat-affected-zone microstructure and molten-zinc temperature on zinc embrittlement cracking induced by excess tensile stress in low-alloy steels possessing resistance to LME Quarterly Journal of the JWS,36,4(2018),230-237 H. Muto
Y. Danno
H. Yamamoto
K. Ito
Investigation on η and m Factors for J Integral I SE(B) Specimens   Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics,97,(2018),224-235 T. Kawabata
T. Tagawa
Y. Kayamori
M. Yoshiki
H. Kitano
T. Tonan
Y. Imai
S. Kanna
T. Sakurai
S. Kyono
M. Ohata
S. Aihara
F. Minami
H. Mimura
Y. Hagigara
Effects of microstructural modification using friction stir processing on fatigue strength of butt-welded joints for high-strength steels   Materials Science & Applications,9,(2018),625-636 Hajime Yamamoto
Kazuhiro Ito
Application of Friction Stir Processing to Weld Toe for Fatigue Strength Improvement of High-strength Low-alloy Steel Joint Welding Letters,36,4(2018),1 WL-4 WL Hajime Yamamoto
Yoshikazu Danno
Kazuhiro Ito
Yoshiki Mikami
Kazuyuki Kohama
Hidetoshi Fujii
Effects of insert metal type on interfacial microstructure during dissimilar joining of TiAl alloy to SCM440 by Friction Welding   Metals and Materials International,,(2018), Jong-Moon Park
Ki-Young Kim
Kyoung-Kyun Kim
Kazuhiro Ito
Makoto Takahashi
Myung Hoon Oh
Numerical simulation of residual stress modification by reverse bending of notched fracture toughness test specimens of multipass welds   Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics,92,(2017),214-222 Yoshiki Mikami
Tomoya Kawabata
Tetsuya Tagawa
Houichi Kitano
Akira Kiuchi
Yoichi Kayamori
Sohei Kanna
Tsuyoshi Sakurai
Yasuhito Imai
Mitsuru Ohata
Masahito Mochizuki
Fumiyoshi Minami
Shuji Aihara
Yukito Hagihara
Spherical porous granules in MgOFe2O3Nb2O5 system: In situ observation of formation behavior using high-temperature confocal laser-scanning microscopy   Journal of the European Ceramic Society,37,16(2017),5339-5345 Yoshikazu Suzuki
Hiroya Abe
Hajime Yamamoto
Kazuhiro Ito
Hiroshige Inoue
Mayumi Nakamura
Length effect of carbon nanotubes on the strengthening mechanisms in metal matrix composites   Acta Materialia,140,(2017),317-325 B. Chen
J. Shen
X. Ye
L. Jia
S. Li
J. Umeda
M. Takahashi
K. Kondoh

Proceedings of International Conference

Title Research achievements summary Name
Superior mechanical strength of an intermediate layer interface over conventional wavy interfaces in (Nb or Ta)/Cu explosive welding joints Proceedings of IIW 2018,,(2018), Pradeep Kumar PARCHURI
Kazuhiro ITO
Application of Friction Stir Processing to High-tensile-steel Welds Proceeding of IWIT & TWIT 2017,,(2017),12-18 K. ITO


Title Sponsor Name
Professor Koichi Masubuchi Award The American Welding Society Yoshiki Mikami
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