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Journal Publication

Title Research achievements summary Name
Laser metal deposition of pure copper on stainless steel with blue and IR diode lasers   Optics and Laser Technology,107,(2018),291-296 Kohei Asano
Masahiro Tsukamoto
Yoshihisa Sechi
Yuji Sato
Shin-ichiro Masuno
Ritsuko Higashino
Takahiro Hara
Masanori Sengoku
Minoru Yoshida
X-ray phase contrast observation of solidification and hot crack propagation in laser spot welding of aluminum alloy   Optics Express,26,18(2018),22626-22636 Masanori Miyagi
Yousuke Kawahito
Hongze Wang
Hiroshi Kawakami
Takahisa Shoubu
Masahiro Tsukamoto
In-situ observation of gap filling in laser butt welding   Scripta Materialia,154,(2018),73-77 Yousuke Kawahito
Hongze Wang
Periodic nanostructures formed on a poly-methyl methacrylate surface with a femtosecond laser for biocompatibility improvement   Applied Physics A,,(2018),Available online Keisuke Takenaka
Masahiro Tsukamoto
Yuji Sato
Takahiro Ooga
Satoru Asai
Kensuke Murai
A laser joining system for titanium and polyethylene terephthalate plastic controlled by multiple signal sources   IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics,Early AccessArticles,(2018),1 H. Wang
K. Nishimoto
Coupled Effects of Heating Method and Rate on the Measured Nonisothermal Austenization Temperature of Steel SUS420J1 in Heat Treatment   J. Manuf. Sci. Eng,140,6(2018),1-10 Hongze Wang
Yosuke Kawahito
Yuya Nakashima
Kunio Shiokawa
Perheat effect on titanium plate fabricated by sputter-free selective laser melting in vacuum   Applied Physics A,,(2018), Yuji Sato
Masahiro Tsukamoto
Takahisa Shobu
Yorihiro Yamashita
Shuto Yamagata
Takaya Nishi
Ritsuko Higashino
Tomomasa Ohkubo
Hitoshi Nakano
Nobuyuki Abe
Dynamic balance of heat and mass in high power density laser welding   Optics Express,26,5(2018),6392-6399 Hongze Wang
Motoki Nakanishi
Yousuke Kawahito
A model to calculate the laser absorption property of actual surface   International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer,118,(2018),562-569 Hongze Wang
Yousuke Kawahito
Ryouhei Yoshida
Yuya Nakashima
Kunio Shiokawa
Formation of microstructures on Ni film surface by nanosecond laser   Applied Physics A,124,594(2018),227 Kazuki Kouda
Wataru Kobayashi
Hirokazu Imai
Masahiro Tsukamoto
Laser Brazing of a Hexagonal Boron Nitride Block to a Cemented Carbide Plate with Silver-Copper-Titanium Alloy Filler in Argon Atmosphere Including Different Oxygen Contents   Quartery Journal of the Japan Welding Society,35,2(2018),89-93 Sechi Yoshihisa
Nagatsuka Kimiaki
Fujimoto Takahiro
Tsukamoto Masahiro
Nakata Kazuhiro
The effect of particle size on the heat affected zone during laser cladding of Ni-Cr-Si-B alloy on C45 carbon steel   Optics and Lasers in Engineering,101,(2018),23-27 Daichi Tanigawa
Nobuyuki Abe
Masahiro Tsukamoto
Yoshihiko Hayashi
Hiroyuki Yamazaki
Yoshihiro Tatsumi
Mikio Yoneyama
Thermal effect of laser ablation on the surface of carbon fiber reinforced plastic during laser processing   Applied Physics A,124,2(2018), Tomomasa Ohkubo
Yuji Sato
Ei-ichi Matsunaga
Masahiro Tsukamoto
Dynamics of solid-liquid interface and porosity formation determined through x-ray phase-contrast in laser welding of pure Al   Journal of Materials Processing Technology,250,(2017),9-15 Masanori Miyagi
Yousuke Kawahito
Hiroshi Kawakami
Takahisa Shoubud

Proceedings of International Conference

Title Research achievements summary Name
Influences of Laser Condition and Slit Shape on Joinability of Zircaloy-SiC/SiC Composite Tube Joint Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings,39,2(2018),CD-ROM H. Serizawa
H. Motoki
Y. Asakura
Y. Sato
N. Nakazato
M. Tsukamoto
J.S. Park
H. Kishimoto
A. Kohyama
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