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[Joining Mechanics and Analyses] include Division

Journal Publication

Title Research achievements summary Name
In Situ SEM Observations of Fracture Behavior of Laser Welded?Brazed Al/Steel Dissimilar Joint   Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance,,(2018),1-11 Hongbo Xia
Caiwang Tan
Liqun Li
Ninshu Ma
Influence of laser power on interfacial microstructure and mechanical properties of laser welded-brazed Al/steel dissimilar butted joint   Journal of Manufacturing Processes,32,(2018),160-174 Liqun Li
Hongbo Xia
Caiwang Tan
Ninshu Ma
Effect of groove shape on laser welding-brazing Al to steel   Journal of Materials Processing Technology,253,2(2018),573-581 Liqun Li
Hongbo Xia
Caiwang Tana
Ninshu Ma
Impact of Friciton Stir Welding on Recrystallization of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Ferritic Steel   Jounal of Materials Science & Technology,34,(2018),209-213 W.H. Han
P. Liu
X. Yi
Q. Zhan
F. Wan
K. Yabuuchi
H. Serizawa
A. Kimura
Deformation of Dissimilar-Metals Joint between F82H and 316L in Impact Tests after Neutron Irradiation   Fusion Science and Design,124,(2017),1063-1067 H.Y. Fu
T. Nagasaka
M. Yamazaki
T. Toyama
W.H. Guan
S. Nogami
H. Serizawa
H. Tanigawa
Dissimilar-Metals Bonding Between NIFS-HEAT-2 Vanadium Alloy and Hastelloy X Nickel Alloy by Controlling Intermetallics   Fusion Science and Technology,72,(2017),680-685 H.Y. Fu
T. Nagasaka
T. Tanaka
A. Sagara
H. Serizawa
Y. Satou
Efficient Simulation of Welding Distortion in Large Structures and Its Reduction by Jig Constraints, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance   Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance ,26,11(2017),5206-5216 Ninshu Ma
Hui Huang
Fast Prediction of Welding Distortion of large Structures using Inherent Deformation Database and Comparison with Measurement Quarterly Journal of Japan Welding Society,35,2(2017),137s-140s Ninshu Ma
Junya Tateishi
Shinya Hiroi
Atsushi Kunugi
Hui Huang
Comparative study on evaluation of tendon force for welding distortion prediction in thin plate fabrication China Welding,26,3(2017),1-11 Wang J
Zhou H
Zhao H
Zhou F
Ma N
Influence of Bauschinger Effect and Anisotropy on Springback of Aluminum Alloy Sheets   MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS,58,6(2017),921-926 Takeshi Uemori
Satoshi Sumikawa
Tetsuo Naka
Ninshu Ma
Fusahito Yoshida
Effects of Heat Input on Welding Buckling Distortion by Experimental Measurement Method   Science and Technology of Welding and Joining,22,5(2017),381-388 Nan Guo
Xianqing Yin
Jin Liang
Ninshu Ma
Measurement of residual stress in arc welded lap joints by cosĪ± X-ray diffraction method   JMPT,,243(2017),387-394 Jian Lin
Ninshu Ma
Yongping Lei
Hidekazu Murakawa
Development of Laser Welding Technology for Fully Austenitic Stainless Steel   Welding International,31,11(2017),827-836 K. Takano
N. Koizumi
H. Serizawa
S. Tsubota
Y. Makino


Title Research achievements summary Name
Development of computing methods for analysis of joining-induced thermal conduction, residual stress and deformation in thin plates Journal of Smart Processing,,(2018), Ninshu Ma
Hisashi Serizawa
Development of Computing Methods for Analysis of Joining-Induced Thermal Conduction, Residual Stress and Deformation in Thin Plates Journal of Smart Processing -for Materials, Environment & Energy-,7,1(2018),14-20 N. Ma
H. Serizawa


Title Sponsor Name
The Engineering Ceramics Division Best Paper Award : First Place The American Ceramic Society H. Serizawa
F. Miyasaka
Best paper award Journal of Japan Scociety for Technology of palasticity Ninshu Ma
Kentaro Sato
Kenji takada
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