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Title Research achievements summary Name
A novel multi-step strategy of single point incremental forming for high wall angle shape   Journal of Manufacturing Processes,56,(2020),697-708 Song Wu
Yunwu Ma
Leitao Gao
Yixi Zhao
Sherif Rashed
Ninshu Ma
Influence of ultrasonic vibrations on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Al/Ti friction stir lap welds   Journal of Materials Processing Technology,282,(2020),116676 Mingrun Yu
Hongyun Zhao
Fei Xu
Tiejue Chen
Li Zhou
Xiaoguo Song
Ninshu Ma
Robust bonding and thermal-stable Ag?Au joint on ENEPIG substrate by micron-scale sinter Ag joining in low temperature pressure-less   Journal of Alloys and Compounds,828,(2020),154397 Chuantong Chen
Zheng Zhang
Qian Wang
Bowen Zhang
Yue Gao
Tetsuya Sasamura
Yukinori Oda
Ninshu Ma
Katsuaki Suganuma
Influence of shielding gas on microstructure and mechanical properties of laser welded?brazed Al/steel lapped joint   Journal of Manufacturing Processes,54,(2020),347-358 Hongbo Xia
Caiwang Tan
Ruyu Tian
Shenghao Meng
Liqun Li
Ninshu Ma
A design method of tensile triangles and low transformation temperature weld metal for reduction of stress concentration and residual stress of welded joints   Marine Structures,72,(2020),102759 Z. Feng
T. L. Aung
C. Shao
F. Lu
S. Tsutsumi
N. Ma
Impacts of laser cladding residual stress and material properties of functionally graded layers on titanium alloy sheet   Additive Manufacturing,35,(2020),101303 Q. Wang
J. Shi
L. Zhang
S. Tsutsumi
J. Feng
N. Ma
Measurement and analysis of cold spray residual stress using arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian method   Additive Manufacturing,35,(2020),101296 Q. Wang
X. Luo
S. Tsutsumi
T. Sasaki
C. Li
N. Ma
Influences of cooling conditions on the liquation cracking in laser metal deposition of a directionally solidified superalloy   Metals,10,4(2020),466 Baohua Chang
Shuo Yang
Guan Liu
Wangnan Li
Dong Du
Ninshu Ma
Influence of energy ratio on dual-spot laser welded-brazed Al/steel butt joint   Journal of Materials Processing Technology,281,(2020),116624 Hongbo Xia
Liqun Li
Ninshu Ma
Caiwang Tana
Jianfeng Gong
A study on fatigue life improvement of welded joints using elongated bead welding with low transformation temperature welding material Journal of High Pressure Institute,40,1(2020),185-195 Takkuya Matsuzaki
Hidekazu Murakawa
Ninshu Ma
Seicihiro Tsutsumi
Kazou Hiraoka
Naoki Osawa
Koichi Okada
Tadakazu Tanino
Tiaki Shiga
Hiroshi Yajima
Failure competition behavior of 9Cr/617 dissimilar welded joint during LCF test at elevated temperature   Materials Science & Engineering A,,(2019),138810(10Pages) Yuan Gao
Chendong Shao
Haichao Cui
Ninshu Ma
Fenggui Lu
Numerical analysis on coaxial one-side resistance spot welding of Al5052 and CFRP dissimilar materials   Materials and Design,,(2019),1-10 Sendong Ren
Yunwu Ma
Shuhei Saeki
Yoshiaki Iwamoto
Ninshu Ma
Predicting Welding Residual Stress of a Multi-pass P92 Steel Butt-Welded Joint with Consideration of Phase Transformation and Tempering Effect   Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance,28,12(2019),7452-7463 Sendong Ren
Suo Li
Yifeng Wang
Dean Deng
Ninshu Ma
Probing residual stresses in stationary shoulder friction stir welding process   International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology,106,(2019),1573-1586 B. Vicharapu
H. Liu
H. Fujii
K. Narasaki
N. Ma
A. De
Correlating particle impact condition with microstructure and properties of the cold-sprayed metallic deposits   Journal of Materials Science & Technology,40,1(2019),185-195 Y Li
Y Wei
X Luo
C Li
N. Ma
Effect of mechanical and solid-state joining characteristics on tensile-shear performance of friction self-piercing riveted aluminum alloy AA7075-T6 joints   Journal of Materials Processing Technology,278,(2019),116543(10pages) Yunwu Ma
Bingxin Yang
Ming Lou
Yongbing Li
Ninshu Ma
Finite element analysis of residual stress in 2.25Cr-1Mo steel pipe during welding and heat treatment process   Journal of Manufacturing Processes,47,11(2019),110-118 Sendong Ren
Suo Li
Yifeng Wang
Dean Deng
Ninshu Ma
Modification of Residual Stress Distribution in Welded Joint of Titanium Alloy with Multi Electron Beam HeatingAA7075-T6 joints AA7075-T6 joints   Journal of Materials Processing Technology,278,(2019),116504(13pages) Jian Lin
Ninshu Ma
Xin Liu
Yongping Lei
Numerical Analysis of Shot Peening with Incident Angle Journal of the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity,60,704(2019),8-13 Takahiro OHTA
Seiichiro TSUTSUMI
Ninshu MA
Effect of Laser Beam Models on Laser Welding?Brazing Al to Steel   Journal of Optics & Laser Technology,122,(2019),105845 Hongbo Xia
Wang Tao
Liqun Li
Caiwang Tan
Kaiping Zhang
Ninshu Ma


Title Research achievements summary Name
Bonding Mechanism and Particle Deformation of Metallic Solid-State Additive Manufacturing The 4th International Symposium on Creation of Life Innovation Materials for Interdisciplinary and International Researcher Development(iLIM-4),Sendai, Japan,(2019.10.03-2019.10.04) Ninshu Ma
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