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[Joining Mechanics and Analyses] include Division

Journal Publication

Title Research achievements summary Name
Deposition behavior, microstructure and mechanical properties of an in-situ micro-forging assisted cold spray enabled additively manufactured Inconel 718 alloy   Materials and design,155,5(2018),384-395 Luo. X. T
Yao. M. L.
Ma. N
Takahashi. M
Li. C. J
A dynamic ductile failure analysis of shell structures using a nonlocal XFEM method with experimental validation   Advances in Engineering Software,123,9(2018),1-12 C.T.WU
Ninshu Ma
Yong Guo
Wei Hu
Kenji Takada
Hideyuki Okada
Kei Saito
Joint Inhomogeneity in Dissimilar Friction Stir Welded Martenstic and Nanostructured Ferritic Steels   Science and Technology of Welding and Joining,23,(2018),659-665 W.H. Han
F. Wan
K. Yabuuchi
H. Serizawa
A. Kimura
Deformation characteristics and microstructural evolution in friction stir welding of thick 5083 aluminum alloy   The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology,2018,(2018),1-19 Murshid Imam
Yufeng Sun
Hidetoshi Fujii
Ninshu MA
Seiichiro Tsutsumi
Shuja Ahmed
Viswanath Chintapenta
Hidekazu Murakawa
Comparison of the welding deformation of mismatch and normal butt joints produced by laser-arc hybrid welding   Journal of Manufacturing Processes,34A,8(2018),678-687 Liqun Li
Hongbo Xia
Ninshu Ma
Bo Pan
Yichen Huang
Shuai Chang
Residual stress and fracture strength of brazed joint of ceramic and titanium alloy with the aid of laser deposited functionally graded material layers   Journal of Manufacturing Processes,34A,8(2018),495-502 J.M. Shi
N. Ma
L.X. Zhang
J.C. Feng
Influence of Friction Stir Welding Conditions on Joinability of V-Alloy/SUS316L Dissimilar Joint   Nuclear Materials and Energy,15,(2018),43-47 H. Serizawa
H. Ogura
Y. Morisada
H. Fujii
H. Mori
T. Nagasaka
Improving the Strength of the ZrC-SiC and TC4 Brazed Joint Through Fabricating Graded Double-Layered Composite Structure on TC4 Surface   Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B,49,6(2018),902-911 J. M. Shi
In Situ SEM Observations of Fracture Behavior of Laser Welded?Brazed Al/Steel Dissimilar Joint   Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance,,(2018),1-11 Hongbo Xia
Caiwang Tan
Liqun Li
Ninshu Ma
Influence of laser power on interfacial microstructure and mechanical properties of laser welded-brazed Al/steel dissimilar butted joint   Journal of Manufacturing Processes,32,(2018),160-174 Liqun Li
Hongbo Xia
Caiwang Tan
Ninshu Ma
Effect of groove shape on laser welding-brazing Al to steel   Journal of Materials Processing Technology,253,2(2018),573-581 Liqun Li
Hongbo Xia
Caiwang Tana
Ninshu Ma
Impact of Friciton Stir Welding on Recrystallization of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Ferritic Steel   Jounal of Materials Science & Technology,34,(2018),209-213 W.H. Han
P. Liu
X. Yi
Q. Zhan
F. Wan
K. Yabuuchi
H. Serizawa
A. Kimura

Proceedings of International Conference

Title Research achievements summary Name
Influences of Laser Condition and Slit Shape on Joinability of Zircaloy-SiC/SiC Composite Tube Joint Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings,39,2(2018),CD-ROM H. Serizawa
H. Motoki
Y. Asakura
Y. Sato
N. Nakazato
M. Tsukamoto
J.S. Park
H. Kishimoto
A. Kohyama
Simulation of welding thermal conduction and thermal stress using hybrid method of accelerated explicit and implicit FEM Journal of Physics: Conf. Series,1063,12073(2018),1-6 N. Ma
K. Narasaki
Analysis of residual stress in laser deposited functionally graded materials on titanium alloy plate IIW-X-1914-18,,(2018),1-6 Ninshu Ma
Junmiao Shi
Seiichiro Tsutsumi
Lixia Zhang
Jicai Feng
Hybrid-method of explicit and implicit FEM on computational welding mechanics IIW-X-1913-18,,(2018),1-6 N. Ma
K. Narasaki


Title Research achievements summary Name
Analysis of Local Strains, Stresses and Damage Limit of Aluminum Thin Plates using measured displacement field and FEM Journal of Light Metal Welding & Construction,56,5(2018),1-6 Ninshu MA
Hongchi YANG
Xianqin YIN
Development of computing methods for analysis of joining-induced thermal conduction, residual stress and deformation in thin plates Journal of Smart Processing,,(2018), Ninshu Ma
Hisashi Serizawa
Development of Computing Methods for Analysis of Joining-Induced Thermal Conduction, Residual Stress and Deformation in Thin Plates Journal of Smart Processing -for Materials, Environment & Energy-,7,1(2018),14-20 N. Ma
H. Serizawa


Title Sponsor Name
The Engineering Ceramics Division Best Paper Award : First Place The American Ceramic Society H. Serizawa
F. Miyasaka
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