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Title Research achievements summary Name
Macroporous Mn3O4 microspheres as a conversion-type anode material morphology for Li-ion batteries   Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry,,(2020),on Line Takahiro Kozawa
Kei Nishikawa
Controlled swelling behavior and stable cycling of silicon/graphite granular composite for high energy density in lithium ion batteries   Journal of Power Sources,457,(2020),228021 Dongsoo Lee
Akira Kondo
Seungwoo Lee
Seungcheol Myeong
Seho Sun
Insung Hwang
Taeseup Song
Makio Naito
Ungyu Paik
Fabrication of an LiMn2O4@LiMnPO4 composite cathode for improved cycling performance at high temperatures   Journal of Asian Ceramic Societies,8,(2020),on Line Takahiro Kozawa
Toshiya Harata
Makio Naito
Synthesis of Geopolymers from Mechanically Activated Coal Fly Ash and Improvement of Their Mechanical Properties   Minerals,9,12(2019),791(10pages) Mitsuaki Matsuoka
Kaho Yokoyama
Kohei Okura
Norihiro Murayama
Masato Ueda
Makio Naito
Free-polymer-induced Gelation of Non-aqueous Colloids for Direct Ink Writing Ceramics in Modern Technologies,1,2(2019),99-103 H. Abe
A. Kondo
K. Sato


Title Research achievements summary Name
Powder Technology Handbook, Fourth Edition CRC Press,(2020),,311-316 Makio Naito
Hidehiro Kamiya
Novel Structured Metallic and Inorganic Materials Springer,(2019),,255-265 Takahiro Kozawa
Makio Naito
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