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Title Research achievements summary Name
Ultraviolet Laser Stereolithography of Alumina Lattice with a Diamond Pattern Ceramic Interconnect and Ceramic Microsystems Technology,13,1(2017),225-231 Soshu Kirihara


Title Research achievements summary Name
Stereolithographic Additive Manufacturing of Ceramic Structures 15th Conference & Exhibition of the European Ceramic Society,Budapest,(2017.07.07-2017.07.11) Soshu Kirihara
Stereolithographic Additive Manufacturing of Diamond Photonic Crystals with Alumina Micro Lattices The 12th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology (PacRim 2017),Hawaii,(2017.05.25-2017.05.30) Soshu Kirihara
Dimensional Modulations in Bulky Ceramic Components with Micro Geometric Patterns by Stereolithographic Additive Manufacturing 3rd MSE-JWRI Work Shop on Material Design and Joining,Osaka, Japan,(2017.05.19) Soshu Kirihara


Title Sponsor Name
Global Ambassador Award The American Ceramic Society Soshu Kirihara
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