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Journal Publication

Title Research achievements summary Name
Spherical porous granules in MgOFe2O3Nb2O5 system: In situ observation of formation behavior using high-temperature confocal laser-scanning microscopy   Journal of the European Ceramic Society,37,16(2017),5339-5345 Yoshikazu Suzuki
Hiroya Abe
Hajime Yamamoto
Kazuhiro Ito
Hiroshige Inoue
Mayumi Nakamura
In situ EBSD observation of grain boundary character distribution evolution during thermomechanical process used for grain boundary engineering of 304 austenitic stainless steel   Materials Characterization,131,(2017),31-38 Shun Tokita
Hiroyuki Kokawa
Yutaka S. Sato
Hiromichi T. Fujii

Proceedings of International Conference

Title Research achievements summary Name
Solidification Cracking Susceptibility of Austenitic Weld Metal in Schaeffler diagram 70th Annual Assembly of Int. Inst. Welding,,(2017),IX- 2611-17 Kota Kadoi
Kenji Shinozaki
Solidification Cracking behavior during Laser Welding of Type 310s Stainless Steel Evaluated using In-situ Observation Technique Proceeding of 9th European Stainless Steel Conference,34,(2017), Kota Kadoi
Dan Wang
Kenji Shinozaki
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