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Title Research achievements summary Name
Facile synthesis of >?99% phase-pure brookite TiO2 by hydrothermal conversion from Mg2TiO4   Ceramics International,,(2018),In Press Mitsuyoshi Mashida
Mariko Kobayasi
Yoshikazu Suzuki
Hiroya Abe
Spherical porous granules in MgOFe2O3Nb2O5 system: In situ observation of formation behavior using high-temperature confocal laser-scanning microscopy   Journal of the European Ceramic Society,37,16(2017),5339-5345 Yoshikazu Suzuki
Hiroya Abe
Hajime Yamamoto
Kazuhiro Ito
Hiroshige Inoue
Mayumi Nakamura


Title Research achievements summary Name
Spherical Magnetite Mesocrystallization under Reductive Solvothermal Condition Workshop on Advanced Inorganic Materials (WAIM 2018),Shanghai, China,(2018.09.28-2018.10.02) Hiroya Abe
Solvent-free direct deposition of ceramic components for energy application 14th International ceramic Congress (CIMTEC 2018),Perugia, Italy,(2018.06.04-2018.06.08) Hiroya Abe
Synthesis and characterizations of colloidal magnetorheological fluid for soft-robotics Workshop on Advanced Inorganic Materials (WAIM 2017),Shanghai, China,(2017.10.19-2017.10.21) Hiroya Abe
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