Transactions of JWRI Vol. 28, No. 1 Contents

Published in July, 1999.

(Physics, Processes, Instruments & Measurements)
New Concept for the Characteristic of an Arc Welding Power Source (Report I)
-Application in Pulsed MIG/MAG Welding-
Zhiming OU, Masao USHIO and Manabu TANAKA

New Concept for the Characteristic of an Arc Welding Power Source (Report II)
-New Development of Arc Control System for CO2 Welding-
Zhiming OU, Yong WUANG, Masao USHIO and Manabu TANAKA

Plasma Nitriding Behavior on Surface Hardening of Cu-Contained High Tensile Steel
Shuvra MAJUMDER, Kazuhiro NAKATA and Masao USHIO

Peculiarities of the alpha (-Ti) and delta (TiN) Layers Formation in Plasma Nitriding of Titanium
-Theoretical Estimation of Critical Temperature for delta layer growth in Low Temperature Region-
Kalinur SADYROV, Yasuo TAKAHASHI and Katsunori INOUE

Study of Photo-Catalytic Character of Plasma Sprayed TiO2 Coatings
Akira OHMORI, Hiroaki SHOYAMA, Kazushi OHASHI, Koichi MORIYA and Changjiu LI

Fabrication of Dense TiAl/Ti2AlC Composites by Pulsed-Electric Current Sintering and Their Mechanical Properties
Bingchu MEI and Yoshinari MIYAMOTO

(Materials, Metallurgy & Weldability)
Effect of Sn Addition to Cu-Ti Filler Metals on Microstructure and Strength of SiC/SiC Joint
Shigeo URAI and Masaaki NAKA

(Mechanics, Strength & Structure Design)
FEM Simulation of Spot Welding Process (Report III)
-Controlling of Welding Current Using Electrode Displacement for Formation of Large Enough Nugget without Expulsion-
Hidekazu MURAKAWA, Jianxun ZHANG and Hiroyuki MINAMI

Finite Element Method for Hot Cracking Using Temperature Dependent Interface Element
Masakazu SHIBAHARA, Hisashi SERIZAWA and Hidekazu MURAKAWA

Mechanical Behavior in Local Post Weld Heat Treatment (Report IV)
-Influence of Residual Stress Distribution in Multi-Pass Welding-
Hao LU, Jianhua WANG and Hidekazu MURAKAWA

Fatigue Strength of High Manganese Non-Magnetic Steel and Carbon Steel Welded Butt Joints
-Investigation for Applying Dissimilar Materials to Steel Structures (Report II)-
Eiji NAKAJI, You Chul KIM, Yoshlhiro NAKATSUJI and Kohsuke HORIKAWA

New Efficient and Accurate Method of Nonlinear Analysis of Offshore Tubular Frames (the Idealized Structural Unit Method)(Report I)
-Developments of Static Theory and Method-
Yukio UEDA, Sherif M. H. RASHED and Keiji NAKACHO

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