Transactions of JWRI Vol. 28, No. 2 Contents

Published in December, 1999.

(Physics, Processes, Instruments & Measurements)
Rauchentwicklung beim CO2-Schutzgasschweißen
Masao USHIO and Tetsuo SUGA

Materials Processing Characteristics of a 2 kW Class High Power Density Direct Diode Laser System
Nobuyuki ABE, Ritsuko HIGASHINO, Masahiro TSUKAMOTO, Shuichi NOGUCHI and Shoji MIYAKE

Compositional Effect of Ytterbia-Alumina Additive on Millimeter-Wave Sintering of Silicon Nitride
Toshiyuki UENO, Hidenori SAITO, Sabro SANO, Yukio MAKINO and Shoji MIYAKE

Improvement of Plasma-Sprayed ZrO2 Coating by Cr2O3 Penetration and Evaluation of Cavitation Erosion
Akira OHMORI and Kunihiko OGINO

(Materials, Metallurgy & Weldability)
Effect of Oxide Morphology on Bond Strength of Diffusion-Bonded Interfaces of Al-Alloys
Keiko KOTANI, Jae-Pil JUNG, Kenji IKEUCHI and Fukuhisa MATSUDA

Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Al2O3/TiC/Ni Symmetric Functionally Graded Materials Doped with Cu and Cu2O
Yoshinari MIYAMOTO, Junshan LIN, Koji HIGUCHI, Ken HIROTA, Osamu YAMAGUCHI and Mikio IWASA

(Mechanics, Strength & Structure Design)
Development of Computational Evaluation Method for Creep Deformation of SiC/SiC Composites
Hisashi SERIZAWA, Motooki ANDO, Charles A. LEWINSOHN and Hidekazu MURAKAWA

Simulation of Dynamic Crack Propagation in Elastic Plates Using Interface Element (Report II)
Zhengqi WU, Atsushi EMOTO, Hisashi SERIZAWA and Hidekazu MURAKAWA

Welding Deformation of Plates with Longitudinal Curvature
Yu LUO, Morinobu ISHIYAMA and Hidekazu MURAKAWA

Buckling Characteristics of High Manganese Non-magnetic Steel and Carbon Steel Hybrid Cruciform Column
You Chul KIM, Hidetoshi TAHARA, Eiji NAKAJI and Kohsuke HORIKAWA

Formation of Ni Based Self-Flaxing Alloy Layers by Electron Beam with a Powder Feeder
Nobuyuki ABE, Chihiro DOI, Masahiro TSUKAMOTO, Shoji MIYAKE, Junji MORIMOTO and Michio TOMIE

Monitoring of Accumulative Traffic Loads on Bridge Members by Sacrificial Test Pieces
Tatsuya TAGUCHI, Kohsuke HORIKAWA and Yoshihiro SAKINO

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