Transactions of JWRI Vol. 30, No. 1 Contents

Published in July, 2001.

Microjoining Process in Electronic Packaging and Its Numerical Analysis

Observation of Keyhole and Molten Pool Behaviours in High Power Laser Welding
-Mechanism of Porosity Formation and Its Suppression Method-
Akira MATSUNAWA, Naoki SETO, Jong-Do KIM, Masami MIZUTANI and Seiji KATAYAMA

(Physics, Processes, Instruments & Measurements)
Investigation of CO2 Welding Arc Sound
Ding FAN, Yu SHI and Masao USHIO

Effect of Flux on A-TIG Welding of Mild Steels
Ding FAN, Ruihua ZHANG, Yufen GU and Masao USHIO

Synthesis of Hafnium Oxide Thin Films with Ion Beam Assisted Deposition
Takanori MORI, Ippei SHIMIZU, Rafael R. MANORY and Shoji MIYAKE

Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Fracture Surfaces Using Area Matching Algorithm
Toshio KURODA, Kenji IKEUCHI, Kazuhiko INOUE, Katsuyuki NAKADE and Yoshihiko KITAGAWA

Effect of Repair Welding Technique on the Mechanical Properties of Thick Wall Structural Steel
Alber SADEK, Abdel-Hamid HUSSEIN, Mohamed GODA and Masao USHIO

(Materials, Metallurgy & Weldability)
Electron Back-Scatter Pattern Analyses of a Recrystallized Al-4Mass%Mg Alloy Sheet
Toshiya SHIBAYANAGI and Masaaki NAKA

Interface Layer Structure of Solid State Bonded SiC/TiAl Joint
Akinori INOUE, Hiroshi MIYAKE, Masaaki NAKA, Toshiya SHIBAYANAGI and Masakatsu MAEDA

Effect of Microstructure on the Heat Affected Zone Toughness of High Nitrogen Containing Ni-Free Austenitic Stainless Steel
Insu WOO, Tsutomu HORINOUCHI and Yasushi KIKUCHI

Effect of Simulated Welding Cycles on Carbide Evolution in SQV-2A Low Alloy Steel

Thermal Shock Resistance of ZrO2-8wt.%Y2O3 Coatings Prepared by Plasma Laser Hybrid Spraying Technique
Sang Ok CHWA and Akira OHMORI

Spark Plasma Sintering of Al2O3-TiC and Al2O3-TiC-Diamond Composites
Sakin ZEYTIN, Takehiko KASHIWAGI and Yoshinari MIYAMOTO

Electron Beam and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding under Microgravity
Hidetoshi FUJII, Yasuhiro AOKI and Kiyoshi NOGI

(Mechanics, Strength & Structure Design)
Finite Element Simulation of Seam Welding Process
Hidekazu MURAKAWA, Hiroyuki MINAMI and Toshihito KATO

FEM Evaluation of Asymmetrical Four-Point Bending Test on SiC/SiC Composite Joints
Hisashi SERIZAWA, Charles A. LEWINSOHN and Hidekazu MURAKAWA

Welding Heat Input Limit of Rolled Steels for Building Structures Based on Simulated HAZ Tests
Yoshihiro SAKINO, Kohsuke HORIKAWA and Hisaya KAMURA

Formation of Cr3C2/Ni-Cr Alloy Layer by an Electron Beam Cladding Method and Evaluation of the Layer Properties
Nobuyuki ABE, Masahiro TSUKAMOTO, Shoji MIYAKE, Fumiaki KURIYAMA, Junji MORIMOTO and Michio TOMIE

Forming of Thick Steel Plates with Diode Laser
Nobuyuki ABE, Ritsuko HIGASHINO, Naoki NAKAGAWA, Masahiro TSUKAMOTO, Shuichi NOGUCHI and Shoji MIYAKE

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