Transactions of JWRI Vol. 32, No. 2 Contents

Published in December, 2003

Features and Production Mechanisms of Residual Stress Generated by Welding and Joining
KIM You-Chul

(Physics, Processes, Instruments & Measurements)
Time Dependent Numerical Analysis of Stationary GTA Welding Process
TANAKA Manabu, USHIO Masao and John J. LOWKE

Deposition of Hydroxyapatite Film on Titanium by Ultra-fine Particle Beam
FUJIHARA Toshiaki, TSUKAMOTO Masahiro, ABE Nobuyuki, MIYAKE Shoji, OHJI Takayoshi and AKEDO Jun

Performance of Zirconia Composite Coatings Produced by Gas Tunnel Type Plasma Spraying as a Thermal Barrier Coating

Numerical Simulation of Fuzzy Control for Resistance Spot Welding by Monitoring Electrode Temperature
WU Yanming, SERIZAWA Hisashi and MURAKAWA Hidekazu

(Materials, Metallurgy & Weldability)
Monte Carlo Simulation for the Evolution of Microstructure during Thermal Cycling
SHIBAYANAGI Toshiya and MAEDA Masakatsu

Solid State Diffusion Bonding of Silicon Nitride with Vanadium Foils
MAEDA Masakatsu, IGARASHI Osamu, SHIBAYANAGI Toshiya and NAKA Masaaki

Sintering and Toughening Behavior of Dense SiC-coated Diamond Dispersed WC/Co Composites
ZHANG Lixue, MORISADA Yoshiaki, MIYAMOTO Yoshinari and JIN Zhihao

Statistical Analysis of Alumina/metal Brazed Joints under Applying of Ultrasonic Waves
Khalid M. HAFEZ and NAKA Masaaki

Influence of MgO Crystal Surface Orientation on Its Wettability by Molten Al
SHEN Ping, FUJII Hidetoshi, MATSUMOTO Taihei and NOGI Kiyoshi

Photo-catalytic Decomposition of Tetrachloroethylene (C2Cl4) by Plasma Sprayed TiO2 Coatings
OHMORI Akira, NAKADE Katsuyuki, MIZUTANI Satoshi and YASUOKA Junichi

(Mechanics, Strength & Structure Design)
Numerical Simulation of Residual Stress and Deformation Considering Phase Transformation Effect
DENG Dean, LUO Yu, SERIZAWA Hisashi, SHIBAHARA Masakazu and MURAKAWA Hidekazu

Numerical Simulation of Pear-shaped Bead Cracking in Narrow Gap Welding
SHIBAHARA Masakazu, ITOH Shinsuke, SERIZAWA Hisashi and MURAKAWA Hidekazu

Prediction of the Strength of Joints between Dissimilar Elastic Materials
MURAKAWA Hidekazu, SERIZAWA Hisashi, CHIAKI Sadayoshi and ODA Isamu

Development of New Interface Potential for Simulating Mode I & II Fracture Behavior
SERIZAWA Hisashi and MURAKAWA Hidekazu

Safety Evaluation of I-Girder Bridge Repaired by Welding
LEE Sang-Hyong, CHANG Kyong-Ho and KIM You-Chul

Feasibility Study of Ferrous Powder Thermal Spray Coatings on Cylinder Bores in Diesel Engines
UOZATO Susumu, NAKATA Kazuhiro and USHIO Masao

Low Temperature Formation of MgB2 from Mg/B Composite Particles
ABE Hiroya, NAITO Makio, NOGI Kiyoshi and FUKUI Takehisa

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