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Transaction of JWRI, Special Issue on WSE2011 (2011) Published in March, 2012


(Physics, Processes, Instruments & Measurements)

pdficonEffects of Welding Parameters on Metal Transfer Process in Rotating Arc Narrow Gap Horizontal GMAW
Ning GUO, Jing ZHANG, Yanfei HAN, Linlin ZHANG and Xin YUAN
pdficonStudy on Burn-through Prediction of In-service Welding
Tao HAN, Yong WANG and Wei LIU
pdficonNumerical Analysis of GTAW Arc Behaviors in External Axial Magnetic Field
Xianqing YIN, Yuanyi WU, Jianxun ZHAN, Ninshu MA and Jianjun GOU
pdficonNumerical Simulation of Arc and Weld Pool for GTAW in External Axial Magnetic Fields
Xianqing YIN, Jianjun GOU, Jianxun ZHANG and Ninshu MA
pdficonResearch on Coiled Tubing Butt Welding Process and Properties of Welded Joint
Xiao LI, Kai SHI, Yanming LIU and Hongduo WANG
pdficonNumerical Analysis of Fume Characteristics in Arc Welding
Shinichi TASHIRO and Manabu TANAKA
pdficonGrowth Mechanism of the Cathode IMC Layer in Solder Bump Joints
Chun YU and Hao LU
pdficonHeat-Conduction Mode Joining of Dissimilar Materials
Mohamed WAHBA and Seiji KATAYAMA
pdficonStored Energy Welding Technology of Ultra-thin Sheet Stainless Steel
Xiaowei WANG, Haobin ZHOU and Xiangqian XU
pdficonDissimilar Joining of Magnesium Alloy and Steel by Resistance Spot Welding
Kenji MIYAMOTO, Shigeyuki NAKAGAWA, Shingo IWATANI, Shinji HOJO, Takahiro TACHIBANA,
pdficonResearch on the Effects of Technical Parameters on the Modeling of the Weld by A-TIG Welding
Wu PAN and Kai SHI
pdficonThe Influence of Thread Form on Refilling Friction Stir Welding of 2219 Aluminum Alloy Sheets
Hao LU, Peilin LI, Zhongfeng XU and Meng XU

(Materials, Metallurgy & Weldability)

pdficonEffect of Powder Characteristics on the Microstructure and Abrasive Wear Performance of HVOF Sprayed Cr3C2-25%NiCr Coatings
Hong-Duo WANG, Yong ZHOU, Kai SHI, Yan-Ming LIU and Wei LI
pdficonStress-relief Cracking Susceptibility and Microstructural Characteristics of Modified T23 Steel
Yujing JIN, Hao LU, Chun YU and Yongchao LIU
pdficonEffect of Tempering Parameters on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in Resistance Spot Welding of Advanced High Strength Steels
Yansong ZHANG, Jie SHEN and Xiaozhou HU
pdficonMicrostructures and Corrosion Properties of X80 Pipeline Steel in Alkaline Sand Soil
Congmin XU, Kai SHI, Yong ZHOU, Xiao LI, Yanming LIU and Hongduo WANG

(Mechanics, Strength & Structure Design)

pdficonComputational Weld Mechanics and Optimization of Welding Procedures, Welds, and Welded Structures (Keynote Paper)
John GOLDAK and Mahyar ASADI
pdficonVirtual Tryout Technologies for Preparing Automotive Manufacturing (Keynote Paper)
pdficonTransient Welding Distortions of Thick-wall Pipes Circumferentially Welded by All-position Narrow Gap TIG Welding
Jianxun ZHANG, Jing NIU, Zhenzhen XU and Weidong ZHANG
pdficonWelding Residual Stress Simulation of Complex structure of Strengthen and Thicken Platform
Hong ZHO
pdficonCoupled Thermo-Fluid-Solid Analysis of Engine Exhaust Manifold Considering Welding Residual Stresses
Xueyuan ZHANG, Yu LUO and Jianhua WANG
pdficonA Computational Approach on Prediction of Welding Residual Stress with Considering Solid-state Phase Transformations
Dean DENG, Nishu MA and Hidekazu MURAKAWA
pdficonVisualization of Gaseous Fluid Profiles in Solid Electrolyte Dendrites Fabricated by Micro Pattering Stereolithography
Soshu KIRIHARA, Katsuya NORITAKE, Naoki KOMORI and Satoko TASAKI
pdficonStudy on Transiet Buckling Behavior of Thin Plate Structures during Welding Process
Jiangchao WANG and Hidekazu MURAKAWA
pdficonUltra Large Scale FE Computation Using Idealized Explicit FEM Accelerated by GPU
Kazuki IKUSHIMA, Masakazu SHIBAHARA, Shinsuke ITOH and Ninshu MA
pdficonResidual Stress Analysis of Multi-pass Welding Using Idealized Explicit FEM with GPU
Takashi OKADA, Kazuki IKUSHIMA, Shinsuke ITOH, Masakazu SHIBAHARA and Satoru NISHIKAWA
pdficonMeasurement of In-situ Measurement System for 3D Welding Deformation Using Digital Camera
Masakazu SHIBAHARA, Toshiki YAGI and Shinsuke ITOH
pdficonNumerical Analysis of Hot Cracking in Welded Pipe Structure
Masakazu SHIBAHARA, Takuya IWAMOTO, Takahiro OSUKI, Kazuhiro OGAWA, Hisashi SERIZAWA
pdficonImage Measurement of Welding Distortion of Pipe Joint in Two-phase Flow Separator
Shinsuke ITOH, Masakazu SHIBAHARA and Masahito MOCHIZUKI
pdficonA Study of Impact Toughness of Intercritically Reheated Coarse-grain Heat Effected Zone of Two Type X80 Grade Pipeline Steel
Xiaoyong ZHANG and Huilin GAO
pdficonStudies on Two Failure Modes and Shear Strength of Various CMT Brazed Lap Joints of Dissimilar Materials
Jian LIN, Ninshu MA, Yongping LEI and Hidekazu MURAKAWA
pdficonEstimating on the Mechanical Properties of Laser Welded Joint of TC4 Alloy with a Shear Punch Testing
Xilong ZHAO, Jianxun ZHANG and Wei GUO
pdficonResearch on the Softening Phenomena of HAZ in Welded Joint of Coiled Tubing
Jie LI, Xiao LI, Yong ZHOU and Xiao LI
pdficonAnalysis of Residual Stress in Surface Overlay of Turbine Rotor by FEM
Kaiyun WANG, Hao LU, Yujing JIN, Fuming GU and Kelin LI
pdficonIntegrated Simulation Model between Arc Plasma Process and Weld Mechanics toward Accurate Distortion Analysis
Masahito MOCHIZUKI, Manabu TANAKA and Shigetaka OKANO

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