Transactions of JWRI

Vol. 38, No. 2 Published in December, 2009


(Physics, Processes, Instruments & Measurements)

pdficonVisualizations of 2D Temperature Distribution of Molten Metal in Arc Welding Process
TANAKA Manabu, WAKI Kenji, TASHIRO Shinichi, NAKATA Kazuhiro, YAMAMOTO Eri, YAMAZAKI Kei and SUZUKI Keiich
pdficonIn-Process Monitoring and Adaptive Control in Micro Welding with a Single-Mode Fiber Laser
pdficonPolysaccharide Hydrolysis and Metallic Impurities Removal Behavior of Rice Husks in Citric Acid Leaching Treatment
UMEDA Junko, IMAI Hisashi and KONDOH Katsuyoshi
pdficonNumerical and Experimental Study on Nugget Formation in Resistance Spot Welding for High Strength Steel Sheets in Automobile Bodies
MA Ninshu and MURAKAWA Hidekazu

(Materials, Metallurgy & Weldability)

pdficonAnodic Bonding of Zirconium-based Metallic Glass
TAKAHASHI Makoto, IKEUCHI Kenji, KIMURA Hisamichi and INOUE Akihisa
pdficonEffect of Consolidation and Extrusion Temperatures on Tensile Properties of Hot Extruded ZK61 Magnesium Alloy Gas Atomized Powders via Spark Plasma Sintering
ELSAYED Ayman, IMAI Hisashi, UMEDA Junko and KONDOH Katsuyoshi
pdficonMicrostructural and Mechanical Properties of Ti Composite Reinforced with TiO2 Additive Particles
YOSHIMURA Tomohiro, THOTSAPHON Threrujirapapong, IMAI Hisashi and KONDOH Katsuyoshi
pdficonMicrostructure and Hardness Distribution of Friction Stir Welded 1050 Al and IF Steel with Different Original Grain Size
SUN Yufeng, FUJII Hidetoshi, TAKADA Yutaka, TSUJI Nobuhiro, NAKATA Kazuhiro and NOGI Kiyoshi
pdficonApplication of Natural Nano Silicate Powder in Advanced Smart Nanocomposite Coating
REFAT El-Sheikhy, KOBAYASHI Akira and MOSLEH Al-Shamrani
pdficonErosion Behavior and Interfacial Reaction of Stainless Steels in Molten Lead-free Solder
NISHIKAWA Hiroshi, KANG Songai and TAKEMOTO Tadash
pdficonDevelopment of New Composites; Ceramic Bonded Carbon
MIYAMOTO Yoshinari, NAKAMURA Masaharu, CHEN Weiwu MATSUMOTO Taihei, TOJO Tetsuro

(Mechanics, Strength & Structure Design)

pdficonPrediction of Distortion Produced on Welded Structures during Assembly Using Inherent Deformation and Interface Element
MURAKAWA Hidekazu, DENG Dean, RASHED Sherif and SATO Shinji
pdficonMechanism and Effect of Stress-induced Transformation on Improvement of Fracture Toughness
pdficonMeasurement of Three Dimensional Residual Stresses in Rolled Clad Plates and Welded Joints of a Chemical Tank Structure
MA Ninshu, MURAKAWA Hidekazu, LUO Yu and DENG Dean
pdficonAn Investigation for Introducing Welding Imperfection in Elastic-plastic Large Deformation Analysis
PARK Do-Hyun, HIROHATA Mikihito, KIM You-Chul
pdficonApplicability of Thin Steel Plate with a Crack to Estimating of Fatigue Damage on Bridges (Report II) -Effect of delayed retardation and applicability under fluctuating amplitude loads-
SAKINO Yoshihiro and KIM You-Chul
pdficonStructure and Analyses of Natural Nano-silicate Layers Based on (RM-K) Fracture Theory
REFAT El-Sheikhy, KOBAYASHI Akira, MOSLEH Al-Shamrani

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