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Provenance of Source Code

Iqbal Shah and Thomas Sourmail,
Phase Transformations Group,
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy,
University of Cambridge,
Cambridge CB2 3QZ, U.K.


Added to MAP: September 2002.

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The yield and ultimate tensile strength data on austenitic stainless steels as a function of test temperature, chemical composition and heat treatment temperatures.

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            The file STMECH_AUS_SS.zip contains :-

·           STMECH_AUS_SS.txt - a text version of this document.

·           STMECH_AUS_SS.xls - a Microsoft Excel file containing the data.


Each file contains the chemical composition of the steels studied, and their mechanical properties at different heat treatment and test temperatures. These data have been collated from available literature [1,2]. The presence of an `na' indicates that the value was not reported in the publication. This is NOT meant to be an indication that the value is zero. Although many columns are presented here, those that only had a small amount of data were removed from training the neural network MAP_STEEL_AUSTENITIC_YIELD and MAP_STEEL_AUSTENITIC_UTS. This enabled more input lines to be used for neural network analysis.


The file STMECH_AUS_SS contains 35 columns as follows: -


Column 1         Chromium wt%

Column 2         Nickel wt%

Column 3         Molybdenum wt%

Column 4         Manganese wt%

Column 5         Silicon wt%

Column 6         Niobium wt%

Column 7         Titanium wt%

Column 8         Zirconium wt%

Column 9         Tantalum wt%

Column 10       Vanadium wt%

Column 11       Tungsten wt%

Column 12       Copper wt%

Column 13       Nitrogen wt%

Column 14       Carbon wt%

Column 15       Boron wt%

Column 16       Phosphorus wt%

Column 17       Sulphur wt%

Column 18       Cobalt wt%

Column 19       Aluminium wt%

Column 20       Tin wt%

Column 21       Lead wt%

Column 22       Solution treatment temperature / K

Column 23       Solution treatment time /s

Column 24       Water quenched after solution treatment

Column 25       Air quenched after solution treatment

Column 26       Grains mm-2

Column 27       Type of melting

Column 28       Size of ingot

Column 29       Product form

Column 30       Temperature / K

Column 31       0.2% proof stress / MPa

Column 32       UTS / MPa

Column 33       Elongation (%)

Column 34       Area_reduction (%)

Column 35       Comments


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  1. The British Steelmakers Creep Committee: BSCC High Temperature Data. Technical report, The Iron and Steel Institute, 1973.
  2. Datasheets 16B, 33A and 38A from the National Research Institute for Metals (NRIM, Japan)

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Further Comments


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materials, data, austenitic stainless steel, neural network, mechanical properties, yield strength, UTS.  

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