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Provenance of Source Code

Etienne Girault
Department MTM,
K.U. Leuven,
de Croylaan 2
3001 Leuven,

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Kinetics of isothermal bainite transformation at 375, 416 and 450°C for a steel of composition: Fe-0.11C-1.50Si-1.53Mn-0.008P-0.006S-0.043Sol.Al-0.035 wt.%.

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Heat treatment:
Intercritically annealed at 750°C for 4 minutes and then cooled at a rate between 75 and 100°C.s to isothermal bainite temperature of 375, 416 or 450°C.

This was carried out in a Theta dilatometer using 15 x 4 x 0.8 mm flat specimen.

Austenite fraction measured by X-ray diffraction (after intercritical annealing) to be 37.3%.

This distribution consists of two files: bainiso.txt is an ASCII text version of this document; bainiso.dat is an ASCII text file containing the data, formatted as follows:

Column 1: 375°C time / s
Column 2: 375°C bainite / %
Column 3: 416°C time / s
Column 4: 416°C bainite / %
Column 5: 450°C time / s
Column 6: 450°C bainite / %

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  1. Jacques, P., Girault, E., Van Humbeeck, J., Aernoudt, E. and Delannay, F. (1997): IV European Symposium on Martensitic Transformations (Esomat '97), Enschede, The Netherlands, July 1997, in press.

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Further Comments


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materials, data, isothermal, bainite, transformation, steel, kinetics

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