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Provenance of Source Code

M. Lord,
Phase Transformations Group,
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy,
University of Cambridge,
Cambridge, U.K.

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Provides composition and microstructure data for hard facing alloys produced by several methods.

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The data presented is an abridged version of that provided in a paper by Kotecki and Ogborn [1] which presented the effect of low stress abrasion resistance as a function of composition and hardness of hardfacing alloys. It was necessary to remove a number of lines in the database as they were required to be complete for the purpose of neural network analysis - some lines in the original paper contained omissions which the neural net could not comprehend.

The file hardface.tar contains two files: hardface.info is an ASCII text version of this document; hardface.dat contains the data.

Data in hardface.dat are arranged in 24 columns as follows :-

Columns 1-3 Binary representation of welding method used :-

Column 1 SAW - Submerged Arc Welding
Column 2 FCAW - Flux-Cored Arc Welding
Column 3 SMAW - Shielded Metal Arc Welding

for example :-

1 0 0 - represents SAW
0 0 1 - represents SMAW

Column 4 Number of deposited Layers.

Column 5 Hardness (Rockwell C).

Column 6 Carbon (wt%).

Column 7 Manganese (wt%).

Column 8 Silicon (wt%).

Column 9 Chromium (wt%).

Column 10 Molybdenum (wt%).

Column 11 Vanadium (wt%).

Column 12 Niobium (wt%).

Column 13 Tungsten (wt%).

Column 14 Nickel (wt%).

Column 15 Aluminium (wt%).

Column 16 Average weight loss (g).

Columns 17-23 Binary representation of microstructural types observed :-

Col. Code Microstructure
17 FB Ferrite/bainite
18 MS Martensite
19 NE Near-eutectic austenite-carbide
20 PC Primary carbides with austenite-carbide eutectic
21 PA Primary austenite with eutectic austenite-carbide
22 AM Austenitic manganese
23 MA Martensite and austenite mixed

Column 24 Identification Label - corresponds to column 1 in [1].

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  1. D. J. Kotecki and J. S. Ogborn, Paper presented at the AWS 74th Annual Meeting, April 25-29, 1993 Houston, Texas. Published in Welding Research Supplement, August 1995, 269-s to 278-s.

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Further Comments


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materials, data, composition, hardness, microstructure, hard facing, alloy, abrasion, resistance

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