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Provenance of Source Code

Tracey Cool* and H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia,
Phase Transformations Group,
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy,
University of Cambridge,
Cambridge, U.K.

*TC is now in the Materials Engineering Department, Parsons Power Generation Systems Ltd, Heaton Works, Shields Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 2YL

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Provides chemical composition and mechanical property data for a collection of all weld metal deposits.

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The file welddb.tar contains three files. File welddb.data contains the chemical composition of the steels studied, and their room temperature mechanical properties. These data have been collated from available literature. The presence of an `N' indicates that the value was not reported in the publication. This is NOT meant to be an indication that the value is zero. Although many columns are presented here, those which only have a small amount of data have been removed for the analysis described in [1 and 2]. This enabled more input lines to be used for neural network analysis.

Files welddb.info and welddb.tex contain, respectively, text and plain TeX versions of this documentation.

Data are arranged as follows :-

Column 1 is Carbon concentration / (weight%)

Column 2 is Silicon concentration / (weight%)

Column 3 is Manganese concentration / (weight%)

Column 4 is Sulphur concentration / (weight%)

Column 5 is Phosphorus concentration / (weight%)

Column 6 is Nickel concentration / (weight%)

Column 7 is Chromium concentration / (weight%)

Column 8 is Molybdenum concentration / (weight%)

Column 9 is Vanadium concentration / (weight%)

Column 10 is Copper concentration / (weight%)

Column 11 is Cobalt concentration / (weight%)

Column 12 is Tungsten concentration / (weight%)

Column 13 is Oxygen concentration / parts per million by weight

Column 14 is Titanium concentration / parts per million by weight

Column 15 is Nitrogen concentration / parts per million by weight

Column 16 is Aluminium concentration / parts per million by weight

Column 17 is Boron concentration / parts per million by weight

Column 18 is Niobium concentration / parts per million by weight

Column 19 is Tin concentration / parts per million by weight

Column 20 is Arsenic concentration / parts per million by weight

Column 21 is Antimony concentration / parts per million by weight

Column 22 is Current / A

Column 23 is Voltage / V

Column 24 is AC or DC

Column 25 is Electrode positive or negative

Column 26 is Heat input / kJmm-1

Column 27 is Interpass temperature / °C

Column 28 is Type of weld;

ShMA = MMA = manual metal arc,
SA = SMA = submerged arc,
FCA = flux cored arc,
GTAA gas tungsten arc automatic,
GMAA gas metal arc automatic,
SAW-NG = submerged arc narrow gap,
GMA-NG = gas metal arc narrow gap,
ES = electroslag and
TSA = tandem submerged arc.

Column 29 is Post weld heat treatment temperature / °C

Column 30 is Post weld heat treatment time / hours

Column 31 is Yield strength / MPa

Column 32 is Ultimate tensile strength / MPa

Column 33 is Elongation / %

Column 34 is Reduction of Area / %

Column 35 is Charpy temperature / °C

Column 36 is Charpy impact toughness / J

Column 37 is Hardness / kgmm-2

Column 38 is 50 % FATT

Column 39 is Primary ferrite in microstructure / %

Column 40 is Ferrite with second phase / %

Column 41 is Acicular ferrite / %

Column 42 is Martensite / %

Column 43 is Ferrite with carbide aggreagate / %

Column 44 is Weld ID

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  1. Tracey Cool, Design of Steel Weld Deposits, PhD Thesis, University of Cambridge, 1996.
  2. Tracey Cool, H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia and David J. C. MacKay, Materials Science and Engineering, 1997.

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Further Comments


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materials, data, composition, mechanical properties, weld, weld deposit, Charpy, toughness, hardness, microstructure, volume fraction, ferrite, martensite, acicular

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