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Provenance of Source Code

H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia,
Phase Transformations Group,
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy,
University of Cambridge,
Cambridge, U.K.

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This library contains a number of files necessary to set up a weld toughness neural network model, as described in [1].

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The library contains four distinct data files :-

The details of the neural network method are in [2].

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  1. 1. H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia, D.J.C. MacKay and L.-E. Svensson, Impact toughness of C-Mn steel arc welds - Bayesian neural network analysis, Materials Science and Technology, 11, (1995) 1046-1051.
  2. 2. D.J.C. MacKay, Bayesian non-linear modelling with neural networks, Mathematical Modelling of Weld Phenomena III, editors H. Cerjak and H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia, Institute of Materials, (1997) 359-389.

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Further Comments


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materials, data, neural, network, weld, weld deposit, toughness, steel

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