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Advice for Contributors - MAP Donor Code Agreement


1. Your commitment.
2. Our commitment.
3. Guidelines for code providers.
3.1 Data transfer.
3.2 Documentation.

1. Your commitment.

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Before code can be accepted for distribution on the MAP website, the supplier MUST agree that, to the best of his/her knowledge :-

You must enclose a signed copy of the Code Donor Agreement.

2. Our commitment.

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3. Guidelines for code suppliers.

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3.1 Data Transfer

The preferred method for transferring data is by email to MAP Website Administration ( However, if this is problematic, we will accept magnetic tapes (incuding DAT) or floppy disks, sent by post to the address below. Note that in this case it is the sender's responsibility to ensure that the contents arrive safely.

3.2 Documentation

3.2.1. Source code

Source code should be provided as ASCII text files only, though accompanying hard copy is welcome.

3.2.2. Accompanying documentation.

If possible, the documentation should be provided in the form of an ACSII text file, accompanied by a printout. However, plain TeX and html documents are acceptable by prior arrangement.

Documentation supplied with source code should include :-

  1. Brief statment of purpose of code and description of operating principles.
  2. A list of input and output arguments, including type, eg double precision, integer, etc, and purpose.
  3. References for theoretical basis of code (where appropriate).
  4. Statement of known accuracy limits, or input conditions likely to result in an error.
  5. A list of keywords (for benefit of search engine).
  6. A sample program demonstrating the use of the routine, including sample input data and results.
  7. Notification of use of code in published documents, eg conference papers, refereed journals, etc. (These may be same as [3]).


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