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Provenance of Source Code

T.C. Illingworth and I.O. Golosnoy
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy
University of Cambridge


Added to MAP: February 2005.

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To track the position of the interface in a two phase diffusion-controlled moving boundary problem.

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Language: C/C++
Product form: Source code.

No specific input parameters (change the first few lines of the source code instead).

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Even under isothermal conditions, the position of an interface between two different phases of a binary alloy can move if there are concentration gradients present in one (or both) phases. This code models diffusion in either phase and tracks thee way in which the interface moves for conditions where the interfacial concentrations are constant (i.e. time-invariant).

The algorithm can be used for either planar or spherical geometries and relies on an implicit front-fixing (IFF) algorithm. In contrast to some previous models, it has been derived in such a way as to ensure that it conserves solute.

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  1. T.C. Illingworth, I.O. Golosnoy, V. Gergely, T.W. Clyne Numerical Modelling of Transient Liquid Phase Bonding and Other Diffusion Controlled Phase Changes, J. Mat. Sci., in press.
  2. T.C. Illingworth, I.O. Golosnoy Numerical Solutions of Diffusion-Controlled Moving Boundary Problems which Conserve Solute J. Comp. Phys., in press.

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Input parameters

None. Simply change the first few lines of the main routine in ConservativeIFF.

Output parameters

A file called 'results' is generated upon exectution of program; it describes how the position of the interface varies with time.

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Error Indicators


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Conserves solute in every case. Results indicate that the algorithm is first order accuracy in both space and time.

This code constitutes implements a fully implicit algorithm - there is concequently no limitation on the size of timestep that can be used to generate stable solutions.

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Further Comments

Main routine is in ConservativeIFF.cpp. Other source files contain the subroutines that are called and header files.

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1. Program text

Run as supplied.

2. Program data

No input parameters.

3. Program results

Generates a file (results.txt) which contains the following text:

Time Interface Position
0 1.
0.1 1.00005
0.2 1.0001
0.3 1.00015
0.4 1.0002
0.5 1.00025
0.6 1.0003
0.7 1.00035
0.8 1.0004
0.9 1.00045
1 1.00049

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Auxiliary Routines


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diffusion, phase-change, kinetics, moving boundary

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