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MAP_STEEL_BAKE_HARDENING PROGRAM:To estimate the bake hardening tendency in low-carbon steels as a function of chemical composition and processing.
MAP_STEEL_TWIP PROGRAM:A program for the calculation of texture change due to twinning and true strain from twinning, as a function of twinning volume fraction, texture type and its intensity.
MAP_STEEL_TRIP PROGRAM:To predict the carbon content in retained austenite and volume fraction of retained austenite in cold-rolled TRIP-assisted steel as a function of the chemical composition and the heat treatment parameters.
MAP_STEEL_IRRADIATED_CHARPY PROGRAM:To estimate the change in ductile-to-brittle transition temperature under Charpy testing of irradiated reduced activation ferritic/martensitic steel as a function of irradiation conditions.
MAP_STEEL_DIFFRACT_FERRITE PROGRAM:Calculation of Debye X-ray diffraction rings due to stress-induced transformation of polycrystalline austenite. The sample may be textured.
MAP_STEEL_DIFFRACT_AUSTENITE PROGRAM:Calculation of Debye X-ray diffraction rings for polycrystalline austenite. The sample may be textured.
MAP_STEEL_TRANS_PLASTICITY PROGRAM:Calculation of transformation strain and crystallographic orientation of the 24 variants of martensite or bainite that form in a singel grain of austenite in an arbitrary orientation.
MAP_STEEL_TEXTURE3 PROGRAM:Calculation of habit plane, shape deformation and orientation relationship between austenite and martensite or bainite, as a function of the correspondence matrix and the lattice invariant deformation.
MAP_STEEL_TEXTURE2 PROGRAM:To produce a non-random, crystallographically textured distribution of austenite grains.
MAP_STEEL_HOT_STRENGTH PROGRAM:0.2 percent proof strength of creep-resistant ferritic steels as a function of temperature, chemical composition and heat treatment.
MAP_STEEL_WELD_CHARPY PROGRAM:Charpy toughness of ferritic steel welds made using arc welding. The inputs are chemical composition and welding conditions.
MAP_STEEL_MS_EMPIRICAL PROGRAM:Implements empirical equations for the estimation of the martensite-start temperature of steels.
MAP_NEURAL_PLUTONIUM PROGRAM:Calculation of lattice parameter of δ-plutonium.
MAP_STEEL_TRIP_AUSTENITE PROGRAM:To predict the retained austenite content and austenite carbon concentration in TRIP-assisted steels.
MAP_STEEL_FLANGEABILITY PROGRAM:To predict the hole expansion ratio of steel as a function of tensile test parameters.
MAP_STEEL_AC3 PROGRAM:Estimation of the Ac3 temperature of steel as a function of the chemical composition and heating rate.
MAP_UTIL_INDHEAT PROGRAM:Simplified model of the  induction heating and water spray quenching of a plate of steel. The heat flow equation had been integrated analytically and this program evaluates the solved equations for different heat inputs.
MAP_UTIL_FDHEAT PROGRAM:Model of the  induction heating and water spray quenching of a plate or cylinder of steel. The heat flow equation is integrated numerically using the Crank-Nicholson method.
MAP_STEEL_CCT PROGRAM:Makes use of several programs and routines to model the phase transformations occurring during cooling of steel from austenitic range to room temperature.
MAP_STEEL_TEMPER PROGRAM:Estimation of the evolution of hardness (Vickers) during tempering of steel at the range of temperatures in which only diffusion of carbon and precipitation of carbides occur, without any recovery or recrystallisation.
MAP_UTIL_3DSOLV PROGRAM: Solves a tri-diagonal system of simultaneous linear equations AX=B
MAP_STEEL_AUSGROW PROGRAM: Austenite growth from ferrite and pearlite
MAP_STEEL_TEXTURE PROGRAM: Calculation of the crystallographic texture obtained when austenite transforms into martensite. The austenite itself can be textured.
MAP_STEEL_TOPOLOGY PROGRAM: Topology of grain deformation, permitting calculation of grain surface and edge as a function of strain for a variety of deformation modes.
MAP_STEEL_MUCG83 PROGRAM: Software for modelling of the thermodynamics and kinetics of solid-state transformations in steels. Calculates Widmanstatten, Bainite and Martensite start temperatures. This program corrects an inconsistency in MUCG73, where a modified free energy function for pure iron was substituted into MUCG46, without making adjustments to other algorithms. Here the program reverts to the free energy function of MUCG46 to restore consistency.