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Provenance of Source Code

Guo Lei
Graduate Institute for Ferrous Technology, POSTECH, Republic of Korea

E-mail: guolei@postech.ac.kr

Added to MAP: August 2007.

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To predict the carbon content in retained austenite and volume fraction of retained austenite in cold-rolled TRIP-assisted steel as a function of the chemical composition and the heat treatment parameters.

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Language: Visual Basic 6.0 Source code, platform: Windows

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MAP_STEEL_TRIP uses carbon diffusion-controlled intercritical annealing model to predict austenite volume fraction and carbon content after intercritical annealing, and also carbon diffusion-controlled model to simulation isothermal bainite transformation. Cementite precipitation has been taken into account through a modified ZenerŐs growth model. Thermodynamic data are obtained from MTDATA database: SGTE Solution database 3.01 19/7/93.


Inputs in sequence of C, Mn, Si, Al, P, Nb, Mo, N, S, B, Fe (all in wt%), intercritical annealing temperature (°C), intercritical annealing time (s), isothermal bainite transformation temperature (°C) and isothermal bainite transformation time (s), pearlite colony radius (μm), bainite interpolate spacing(μm).

0.2 1.5 0.3 0.05 0.1 0.003 0.04 0.003 0.003 0.0005 97.8005
750 500 400 2000 20


Outputs in sequence of carbon content in retained austenite, retained austenite volume fraction
0.26783 0.04573


Error Indicators


Auxiliary Routines


MTDATA authorization for programming is required

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intercritical annealing, isothermal bainite transformation, retained austenite

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