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  2. Purpose of code.
  3. Specification.
  4. Description of program's operation.
  5. References.
  6. Parameter descriptions.
  7. Error indicators.
  8. Accuracy estimate.
  9. Any additional information.
  10. Example of code
  11. Auxiliary routines required.
  12. Keywords.
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Provenance of Source Code

M. Harzenmoser
EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research),
Laboratory for Surface- and Joining Technology,
CH-8600 Duebendorf,

E-mail: marc.harzenmoser@empa.ch 

Added to MAP: July 2003.

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Calculates the yield strength of high nitrogen austenitic stainless steels.

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Product form:

Source Code


Complete program.

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MAP\_STEEL\_N_AUST_YS calculates yield strength of high nitrogen austenitic stainless steel as a function of test temperature, nitrogen content and grain size.

The calculations are valid for austenitic stainless steels with an iron content between 60 and 70% by weight. It is assumed that the nitrogen is in solid solution.

Applicable test temperatures are between 4 and 625 Kelvin.

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  1. P.J. Uggowitzer and M. Harzenmoser, ĺ─űStrengthening of austenitic stainless steels by nitrogenĺ─˙, in High Nitrogen Steels, HNS 88, J. Foct and A. Hendry (eds.), Book No. 453, The Institute of Metals, London, 1989, S. 174-179.
  2. M. Harzenmoser, ĺ─űMassiv aufgestickte austenitisch-rostfreie Staehle und Duplexstaehleĺ─˙, PhD-Thesis No. 9086, ETH-Zuerich, 1990.
  3. M. Harzenmoser, R.P. Reed, P.J. Uggowitzer, M.O. Speidel, ĺ─űThe influence of nickel and nitrogen on the mechanical properties of high-nitrogen austenitic stainless steels at cryogenic temperaturesĺ─˙, in High Nitrogen Steels, HNS 90, Verlag Stahleisen, Duesseldorf 1990.

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Input parameters

T - integer

test temperature (Kelvin).


N - real

nitrogen concentration (weight percent).


D - real

grain size (mm).


Output parameters

y - real

yield strength (MPa).


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Error Indicators


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The applicability of the program is given under the following conditions:

1. the iron content is in the region of 60 and 70% by weight

2. the nitrogen is in solid solution

3. the test temperature is between 4 and 625 Kelvin


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Further Comments


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1. Program text

Complete program.

2. Program data

 295 (test
 0.8 (nitrogen
 0.1 (grain size)

3. Program results

 the yield strength is 664.97 MPa

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Auxiliary Routines


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yield strength, nitrogen, austenitic, stainless

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Download source code

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