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  1. Provenance of code.
  2. Purpose of code.
  3. Specification.
  4. Description of program's operation.
  5. References.
  6. Parameter descriptions.
  7. Error indicators.
  8. Accuracy estimate.
  9. Any additional information.
  10. Example of code
  11. Auxiliary routines required.
  12. Keywords.
  13. Download source code.
  14. Links.

Provenance of Source Code

Murugananth Marimuthu,
Phase Transformations Group,
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy,
University of Cambridge,
Cambridge CB2 3QZ, U.K.

E-mail: Ananth

Added to MAP: November 2002.

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FORTRAN module to calculate the Ae3 and Ae1 transformation temperatures. This program is to be used with MTDATA.

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Language: FORTRAN
Product form: Source Code
Platform : Sun OS

Complete program.

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The program is used to calculate the equilibrium transformation temperatures of steel. The highest temperature at which alpha-ferrite starts to form from austenite is Ae3 and taht at which austenite completely transforms to ferrite is Ae1.
creep_ae.mpiContains the inputs for MTDATA
creep_ae.mprResult from MTDATA calculations
comp_dataContains composition in the order specified in Readme.txt file
equil_tempContains the transformation temperatures
EQILIBRIUM_temConsists of percentage of phases at each temperature of calculation. This can be used for checking if the transformation temperatures make sense.

Follow the steps listed below to use the module :

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Input parameters

1. C (wt%)
2. Si(wt%)
3. Mn(wt%)
4. P (wt%)
5. S (wt%)
6. Cr(wt%)
7. Mo(wt%)
8. W (wt%)
9. Ni(wt%)
10. Cu(wt%)
11. V (wt%)
12. Nb(wt%)
13. N (wt%)
14. Al(wt%)
15. B (wt%)
16. Co(wt%)
17. Ta(wt%)
18. O (wt%)
19. Re(wt%)

Output parameters

Check the file "equil_temp" for the transformation temperatures of the corresponding compositions in file comp_data. The format of file "equil_temp" is "Ae1 Ae3".

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Error Indicators


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No information supplied.

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Further Comments


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1. Program text

Complete program.

2. Program data

See file comp_data and Readme.txt

3. Program results

Check "equil_temp" file that comes along with the module

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Auxiliary Routines

No auxillary routines

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Steels, equilibrium transformation temperature

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Download source code

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