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  1. Provenance of code.
  2. Purpose of code.
  3. Specification.
  4. Description of program's operation.
  5. References.
  6. Parameter descriptions.
  7. Error indicators.
  8. Accuracy estimate.
  9. Any additional information.
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  11. Auxiliary routines required.
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Provenance of Source Code

C. Capdevila and H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia,
Phase Transformations Group,
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy,
University of Cambridge,
Cambridge CB2 3QZ, U.K.

E-mail: cc226@cus.cam.ac.uk

Added to MAP: November 1999.

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A crystalline solid can deform plastically by a number of alternative, often competing, mechanisms. The aim of the present program is to produce a deformation-mechanism map which shows the field of stress, temperature and strain-rate over which each mechanism is dominant in PM2000 ODS alloy.

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Language: FORTRAN
Product form: Source code.

Complete program.

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All the maps are divided into fields, within each of which a given mechanism is dominant. The field boundaries are the loci of points at which two mechanism contribute equally to the overall strain-rate, and are computed by equating pairs (or groups) of rate equations, and solving for stress as a function of temperature. Superimposed on this are the contours of constant strain-rate, obtained by summing the rate-equations in an appropiated way to give a total shear strain-rate, and plotting the loci of points for which the total shear strain-rate has constant values.

Rate equation for discrete-obstacle controlled plasticity

Equation 1.

where Delta_F is the activation energy required to overcome the obstacle without aid from external stress, tau is the shear stress, k is the Boltzmann constant, T is the absolute temperature, and tau^ is the athermal flow strength, i.e. the shear strength in the absence of thermal energy. When Delta_F is large (as here), the stress dependence of the exponential is so large that the pre-exponential can be treated as a constant.

Rate equation for lattice resistance plasticity

Equation 2

Rate equation for power-law creep

Equation 3

where A2 is a dimensionless material constant and Deff is an effective diffusion coefficient expressed by the equation:

Equation 3.1

where aC is the area of the dislocation core in which fast diffusion is taken place, Dv is the lattice diffusion coefficient (Dv = Dov exp[-[(Qv)/RT] ]), and Dc is the core diffusion coefficient (Dc = Doc exp[-[(Qc)/RT] ]). In a high temperature regime, Dv >> Dc and the lattice diffusion (Figure 6.3) is predominant. This represents high temperature creep (HT Creep). By contrast, at lower temperatures, Dc > or = Dv so core diffusion is dominant mechanism. This is a Low Temperature Creep regime (LT Creep).

Rate equation for diffusional flow

Equation 4


Equation 4.1

and delta is the thickness of the grain boundary (normally 5 Å). At high temperatures, lattice diffusion controls the rate creep; the resulting flow is known as Nabarro-Herring creep and its rate scales as [(Dv)/(d2)]. At lower temperatures, grain boundary diffusion takes over, the flow is then Coble creep and scales as [(Db)/(d3)].

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  1. H. J. Frost and M. F. Ashby, 1982, Deformation mechanism maps, Pergamon Press, Oxford.

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Input parameters

PRAD - double precision
Particle radius (m).

GSIZE - double precision
Grain size of unrecrystallised alloy (m).

DDENS - double precision
Dislocation density (m-2).

DDIF - double precision
Fe diffusivity coefficient (m2s-1).

QES - double precision
Self-diffusion activation energy for Fe (J/mol).

SMOD - double precision
Shear modulus at 0 K (Pa).

BUGV - double precision
Burgers vector (m).

MATRD - double precision
Matrix density (Kgm-3).

PARTD - double precision
Particle density (Kgm-3).

PWT - double precision
Volume fraction of particles.

SRATE - double precision
Strain rate (s-1).

GSREC - double precision
Recrystallised grain size (m).

GAR - double precision
Grain aspect ratio.

IT - integer
Type of grain structure: Set IT=1 if the aspect ratio is approximately = 1. Set IT=2 if the aspect ratio is >1 and <10. Set IT=3 if the aspect ratio is > 10.

Output parameters

TEMPERATURE, Homologous Temperature, T/Tm - double precision
Ratio of temperature at which calculations were performed (kelvin) to the melting temperature (kelvin).

THRESHOLD - double precision
Ratio of threshold stress and shear modulus (dimensionless) for each temperature value.

BORDER-FIELD - double precision
Ratio of shear stress and shear modulus (dimensionless) for each temperature value. These values define the border between power law creep and diffusional flow.

PLASTICITY-FIELD - double precision
Ratio of shear stress and shear modulus (dimensionless) for each temperature value. These values define the border between power law creep and dislocation glide mechanism.

Normalized Stress - double precision
Ratio between the shear stress and shear modulus. Calculated for each input temperature at the specified input value for the strain rate.

CreepMecahnism - character
The dominating creep mechanism (power law or diffusional flow).

Sub-mecahnism - character
The dominating mechanism for movement of dislocations during creep (core diffusion or lattice diffusion).

GlideMechanism - character
The dominating glide mechanism (discrete obstacles or lattice resistance).

Diffusional - character
The mechanism for movement of dislocations during diffusional flow (lattice diffusion (Nabarro-Herring creep) or grain-boundary diffusion (Coble creep)).

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Error Indicators


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No information supplied.

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Further Comments


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1. Program text

Complete program.

2. Program data

PRAD = 5.695D-09
GSIZE = 1D-06
DDENS = 10D+14
DDIF = 5.0D-05
QES = 240000.0
SMOD = 8.4D+10
BUGV = 2.485D-10
MATRD = 7180.0
PARTD = 5020.0
PWT = 0.005
SRATE = 1.0E-04
GSREC = 90.0E-6
GAR = 10.00
IT = 2

3. Program results

File 'DMAP_borders'

0.4000000E-01     0.1964252E-03     0.1368226E-02     0.3408159E-01
0.7000000E-01     0.1964252E-03     0.1435070E-02     0.1981294E-01
0.1000000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1460493E-02     0.1412213E-01
0.1300000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1479092E-02     0.1133390E-01
0.1600000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1483756E-02     0.9700164E-02
0.1900000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1488455E-02     0.8626389E-02
0.2200000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1493188E-02     0.7877795E-02
0.2500000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1490843E-02     0.7322838E-02
0.2800000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1495620E-02     0.6892277E-02
0.3100000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1493267E-02     0.6544504E-02
0.3400000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1490897E-02     0.6266061E-02
0.3700000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1495728E-02     0.6036068E-02
0.4000000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1493349E-02     0.5811598E-02
0.4300000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1490952E-02     0.5599985E-02
0.4600000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1488538E-02     0.5408675E-02
0.4900000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1478777E-02     0.5245227E-02
0.5200000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1468942E-02     0.5095246E-02
0.5500000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1459032E-02     0.4966272E-02
0.5800000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1441634E-02     0.4843721E-02
0.6100000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1066960E-02     0.4697907E-02
0.6400000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.7192688E-03     0.4543497E-02
0.6700000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.4363820E-03     0.4365675E-02
0.7000000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.2886748E-03     0.4109346E-02
0.7300000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.2200833E-03     0.3808230E-02
0.7600000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1964252E-03     0.3458765E-02
0.7900000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1964252E-03     0.3048685E-02
0.8200000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1964252E-03     0.3017418E-02
0.8500000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1964252E-03     0.2843635E-02
0.8800000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1964252E-03     0.2686709E-02
0.9100000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1964252E-03     0.2538854E-02
0.9400000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1964252E-03     0.2400928E-02
0.9700000E+00     0.1964252E-03     0.1964252E-03     0.2273901E-02
0.1000000E+01     0.1964252E-03     0.1964252E-03     0.2148599E-02

File 'DMAP_isocurves'

 Strain Rate= 0.1000000E-03

Normalized Stress     Homologous Temperature
0.3480657E-01         0.0000000E+00
0.3185586E-01         0.4000000E-01
0.1832378E-01         0.7000000E-01
0.1294885E-01         0.1000000E+00
0.1007927E-01         0.1300000E+00
0.8300280E-02         0.1600000E+00
0.7087250E-02         0.1900000E+00
0.6212554E-02         0.2200000E+00
0.5559015E-02         0.2500000E+00
0.5043422E-02         0.2800000E+00
0.4631483E-02         0.3100000E+00
0.4288395E-02         0.3400000E+00
0.4007713E-02         0.3700000E+00
0.3768400E-02         0.4000000E+00
0.3570923E-02         0.4300000E+00
0.3393856E-02         0.4600000E+00
0.3237430E-02         0.4900000E+00
0.3101882E-02         0.5200000E+00
0.2980066E-02         0.5500000E+00
0.2864729E-02         0.5800000E+00
0.2532731E-02         0.6100000E+00
0.2190700E-02         0.6400000E+00
0.1793638E-02         0.6700000E+00
0.1334170E-02         0.7000000E+00
0.8509662E-03         0.7300000E+00
0.4635646E-03         0.7600000E+00
0.2629502E-03         0.7900000E+00
0.3246521E-03         0.8200000E+00
0.3019618E-03         0.8500000E+00
0.2869809E-03         0.8800000E+00
0.2710842E-03         0.9100000E+00
0.2638117E-03         0.9400000E+00
0.2560656E-03         0.9700000E+00
0.2477982E-03         0.1000000E+01

File 'DMAP_mechanisms'

T/Tm           CreepMecahnism    Sub-mecahnism    GlideMechanism    Diffusional
0.4000000E-01  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.7000000E-01  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.1000000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.1300000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.1600000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.1900000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.2200000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.2500000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.2800000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.3100000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.3400000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.3700000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.4000000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.4300000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.4600000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.4900000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.5200000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.5500000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.5800000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.6100000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.6400000E+00  Power-Law         Core             Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.6700000E+00  Power-Law         Lattice          Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.7000000E+00  Power-Law         Lattice          Discrete-Obstacl  Boundary
0.7300000E+00  Power-Law         Lattice          Discrete-Obstacl  Lattice
0.7600000E+00  Power-Law         Lattice          Discrete-Obstacl  Lattice
0.7900000E+00  Power-Law         Lattice          Discrete-Obstacl  Lattice
0.8200000E+00  Power-Law         Lattice          Discrete-Obstacl  Lattice
0.8500000E+00  Power-Law         Lattice          Discrete-Obstacl  Lattice
0.8800000E+00  Power-Law         Lattice          Discrete-Obstacl  Lattice
0.9100000E+00  Power-Law         Lattice          Discrete-Obstacl  Lattice
0.9400000E+00  Power-Law         Lattice          Discrete-Obstacl  Lattice
0.9700000E+00  Power-Law         Lattice          Discrete-Obstacl  Lattice
0.1000000E+01  Power-Law         Lattice          Discrete-Obstacl  Lattice

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Auxiliary Routines


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ODS, creep, ferritic steel, steel

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