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Trans. JWRI, Vol. 28 (1999), No. 2, pp. 57-65.

Welding Deformation of Plates with Longitudinal Curvature

Yu LUO, Morinobu ISHIYAMA and Hidekazu MURAKAWA


     Welding deformation of plates with longitudinal curvature is analyzed by thermal-elastic-plastic FEM. The phenomena are clarified from the aspect of the inherent strain. Conceptually, both welding distortion and welding residual stress are produced by the inherent strain. The integration of the inherent strain gives the inherent deformations and the tendon force. The effect of the longitudinal curvature is closely examined. Further, a method to predict the welding deformation by elastic FEM using the inherent deformations and the tendon force is proposed and its validity is demonstrated through numerical examples.

KEY WORDS: Welding deformation, Curved plate, Inherent strain, Angular distortion, Transverse shrinkage, Longitudinal shrinkage, Elastic analysis



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