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To whom it may concern,

The article "Transactions of JWRI", published twice a year by the Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University, has been distributed as many as possible in free of charge to the organizations that desire to subscribe. However, the number of publication is limited, one thousand in each issue, and it is getting difficult for us to meet the recent growing requests of subscription. We would like, therefore, to continue our distribution hereafter based on the exchange of your publications. If possible, please fill up the form of inquiring your intension of subscription and, in case you wish, the name of exchangeable publication.

We hope your kind cooperation. Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Director General
Joining and Welding Research Institute
Osaka University
11-1 Mihogaoka, Ibaraki
Osaka 567-0047

Transactions of JWRI
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Transactions of JWRI

Please fill and send this form by FAX or by E-mail to
Secretary in charge of "Transactions of JWRI"
FAX: +81-6-6879-8689

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Date: ______________________________

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Joining and Welding Research Institute,
Osaka University
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