Authors are invited to submit a 1-page abstract as an MS Word document. Abstracts should be double spaced on A4 paper (210x297mm) or US letter size paper with a 4cm header, 3cm left and right margins, and a 3cm footer. Times New Roman font should be used. Type the title in all CAPITAL LETTERS in 14-pt boldface. In 12-pt normal, type the author(s) name(s) with their affiliation(s) on the following line, and underline the presenting author. Skip a line and type the abstract in 12-pt normal. SI units should be used.

Deadline for Abstract Submission: March 31, 2009

John E. Joyner and Adam Bond, Advanced Joining, Inc.
In this study, glass-to-metal seals were characterized in advancedc

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Abstract Form (MS-Word File)

Prof. Soshu Kirihara
Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University
11-1 Mihogaoka Ibaraki, 567-0047 Osaka, JAPAN
TEL: +81-6-6879-4370, FAX: +81-6-6879-4370
E-mail: iccci2009@jwri.osaka-u.ac.jp