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  The main objective is to analyze the process mechanisms of various energy processing, such as welding, joining and surface modification and then to model and simulate them to understand the phenomena, and finally to construct the process controlling and the optimization systems based on these results.
  On the major subject in welding structural materials, high efficiency and high productivity welding processes by using advanced processes such as FSW, laser welding and braze welding, and also by hybridization or tandem of these processes with conventional arc/plasma welding processes have been developed, and their system optimizations to realize the ideal characteristics of welded joints have been discussed for lightweight Al alloys, Mg alloys and high strength materials, and as well as for dissimilar metal joining.
  In addition, evaluation of weldability and/or solution of weld problems of newly developed functional materials such as metallic glass, porous metal, ultra-fine grain metal, nano-composite materials and thixomolding material so on have been performed to promote their industrial applications.
  On the surface modification process, for energy saving and high quality control, the application and optimization of new energy such as plasma and laser to thick coating processes of thermal spraying and cladding, and deep penetration processes of thermo-chemical heat treatment of nitriding and carburizing have been treated by replacing conventional heat sources of flames or electric resistance heating.

Current research subjects

· Development and evaluation of high efficiency, high productivity, and environmental-friendly welding processes
  (FSW, FSJ, hybrid welding, tandem welding, braze welding so on).
· Development and evaluation of joining and welding processes for the advanced functional materials
  (metallic glass, porous metal, Mg alloy, MMCs, thixomoldings, dissimilar metal joining so on).
· Intelligent and optimum system aided by computer simulation for various joining and welding processes.
· Synthesis of new function of surface modification by plasma, laser, and ion beams.


Professor Kazuhiro Nakata assumed the dierctor of Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University.

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